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Behind their husbands.

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What issues did Obama stand on?

his school grades

What issues does Indonesia stand up for?

silly ones

What issues did Frederick Douglass take stand on?


Where does Sarah Palin stand on economy issues?

she believes in a free market.

How does AARP stand on political issues?

How does this organization feel about gun control.

Where does Barack Obama stand on important political and social issues?

The user-friendly website "Campaign Issues 2008" offers short pieces of information about Barack Obama's stand on a variety of issues. Some of these snippets are accompanied by a short video on the same topic. Click on the Related Link.

What is Clinton's stand on gay issues?

Unfortunately she is against same sex marriage.

Should sociologist take a stand in discussion of social issues like poverty?


Where does Barack Obama stand on the issues?

Please see this website for your answer -

What does pmdd stand for in arrests issues?

PMDD is an acronym that stands for: Possess, Manufacture, Dispense or Distribute.

What did both the Granger's and the farmers' alliance find it difficult to do?

Stand together on national issues -Apex

What are the release dates for Comic Book Issues - 2009 Top 11 Stand Alone Stories 2-4?

Comic Book Issues - 2009 Top 11 Stand Alone Stories 2-4 was released on: USA: 22 February 2011

Why are contemporary issues important?

Contemporary issues are what is happening now or recently. They help us understand the different cultures that people have all around the world. They also help us know our rights, and what side we should stand for. Furthermore, contemporary issues give us the opportunity to take responsibility for each other and take action for a brighter future where we stand united.

What are some of the current issues that ASIC is concerned with?

I'd love to help, but there is a whole page of things these letters stand for.

How do you help stop bulling?

Stand up to the bully if you can. Also, tell someone about your issues, maybe your parent or a teacher :)

What is an OB GYN what do the letters stand for And what dose this person do?

OBstetrician and GYNecologist. these doctors deal with babies, and other issues down there

The art of mudslinging during political campaigns prevents the general public from learning about what important thing?

Where the candidates stand on the issues

What is the feminist criticism in Cinderella?

In most versions of the story, Cinderella is nothing more than an insecure house maid (or stereotypical woman) who has no courage to stand on her own two feet. Without the fairy godmother, and the mice, she would have remained a slave.

How did Marquis de Lafayette stand on the issues before the French Revolution began?

He had been a loyal supporter of King Louis XVI.

Health issues of bishop Larry trotter?

What happened to him s, we as saints can stand in the gap for him and his family?MY BISHOP IS DOING BETTER THEN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

The legal principle which says that court decisions stand as precedents for future cases involving the same issues is known as?

stare decisis

As president Thomas Jefferson's stand on the political issues that he had previously championed?


What social issues did JFK stand for?

Tax and spend, take credit for the Republican's push for civil rights, and keep dropping "advice" on the Vietnamese.

Kinlon 200r brand new wont start no spark dont know how to fix are there any wiring issues?

it will not start with stand down.. curleycain2012

How did the symbols of power affect jew's in world war 2?

symbols only serve to reinforce the issues of what they stand for. By definition a symbol is only representative.