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Look on Ebay to get an Idea of what it might be worth Look on Ebay to get an Idea of what it might be worth

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Is hull pottery lead free?


Is USA brown drip pottery the same as Hull?

unless it is marked with hull or oven proof - usa it is not hull! McCoy and Pfister make similar "Brown drip pottery, but the are marked differently on the bottom.

What the value on sebring pottery?

do sebring pottery some values

Does this pottery have value?

Well I don't know there isn't enough info. What pottery?

What is the value of Alan King pottery from Clay Pond Pottery of Seagrove NC?

I believe you mean Alan Long pottery from Clay pond pottery

Who made brown drip pottery marked only with USA and bearing the 3 points on the bottom?


What is the value of The Cottage Pottery bust of JFK from The Pottery Showplace Buena Park California?

it used to be called "the cottage pottery"

You are trying to trace the value of a crown Devon pottery piece a biscuit barrel manufacture stoke on Trent pottery?

You can use guides on collectible pottery to trace the value of a Crown Devon pottery piece. The manufacturer, Stoke-on-Trent, made earthenware and often included the month and year in their mark. Experts on antique pottery would be able to tell you the value of old pottery and auction sites often have listings that will give you an idea of value.

Where could one find a pottery barn frame?

The best place to find pottery barn frames is the official pottery barn homepage. There one can find a lot of nice looking different pottery barn frames.

Where can i find backstamp of haddon pottery?

I have a small Haddon Pottery pot and the pottery name - Haddon Pottery - is handwritten in full on the base.

Where could one find Rowe pottery?

Rowe pottery can be found at Rowe Pottery Works. You can also find Rowe Pottery at many on-line stores. These include the main ones such as Amazon and Ebay.

Where can one find a pottery barn dresser?

The best places to find a Pottery Barn dresser would be a Pottery Barn store or the Pottery Barn website. One could also be found on Craigslist or eBay.

Where can I find some info on buying pottery?

You can find lots of information about pottery on the do it yourself network website. If you'd like local , all you need to do is check out your local yellow pages and find pottery places. Many of them make their pottery right in store.

What is the value of a rookie Brett Hull card?

The value for a rookie Brett Hull card can range from 150 to 300 U.S. dollars. An okay conditioned autographed rookie Brett Hull card can be around 125 dollars.

Does Mata Ortiz pottery appreciate in value?

yes appreciates its value because of the fact that it is a rare type of pottery that can only be found in particular places, yes appreciates its value because of the fact that it is a rare type of pottery that can only be found in particular places,

What is the value of blue mountain pottery?

I have a set of my grandmother's blue ridge pottery dishes, about 60 yrs. old. They are hand painted flowers and are beautiful. I can't find any information on these pieces. Can anyone help?

Where can an individual find Pottery Barn for kids items?

You can find Pottery Barn for Kids items directly on the Pottery Barn website. There are also many Pottery Barn kids retail locations throughout the country. You can find a list of their brick and mortar locations on their website.

How do you get the value of hollinshead and kirkham tunstall pottery?


What is the value of a Hull planter W29?

the same as you rmomma

How much is Hull kitchenware worth?

Hull kitchenware that is in good condition can be of value. The value for the piece of kitchenware depends on the item, condition, and the year it was produced. A professional could evaluate the piece to determine a value.

Where can you sell human hair in hull?

I can't find a place in Hull but you can see it at

Where can one find coupons for Pottery Barn?

One can sometimes find Pottery Barn coupons or codes online at the Pottery Barn website. Other online sites that also carry Pottery Barn coupons and codes include Coupons and Retail Me Not.

What is the value of an autographed Bobby Hull picture?

I kick you...suresh

Where can Portmeirion pottery be purchased in the UK?

Portmeirion pottery is a British based pottery company based in Stoke-on-Trent. Someone in UK could find Porteirion pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

What is the value of pottery by m c thun 452?

Thun is Swiss pottery I have three piece trio and its worth around £30.00-£50.00