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Where do Navy Aviation Machinist Mates attend A school?

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most aviation rate schools will be in pensecola, Florida.

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A Yeoman (YN) rating is a clerk or records keeper."A yeoman must be of keen intellect, ambitious worker, conscientious objector towards right or wrong, a brilliant conversationalist, a dramatic orator, an excellent mathematician, a handsome courier, and a genial personality. Very few of the specie of mankind can come up to these standards of perfection and, consequently, deteriorate into machinist mates (aviation and otherwise), quartermasters, ship's cooks, radiomen, and some even go so low as to become pharmacist's mates."From So You Wanna Be a Yeoman, published in OUR NAVY, 1945.

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The word machinist comes from MM " Machinst Mate" I know these guys and thwey work very hard and very long hours. they usually work 6 On 6 off and in a very hot enviroment. They ensure the ships are running smoothly MM's are a combined rating of Machinist Mates and Boiler Techs (BT's) a conventional MM will work, operate, regulate, and repair boilers. They will also maintian all the associtated equpiment to include, pumps, compressors, tanks, pipe lines, and things of other enginerring backgrounds. Nuclear MM's are just that nuclear, most of the job is hush hush.

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