Algae and Phycology

Where do algae live?

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In the ocean on top of the water or in low depth levels.

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What do algae Chlorophyta live on?

what do algae chlorophyta live on?

How long does green algae live?

the green algae live for 3 days.

Where do most algae live?

Algae lives near bacteria, as that s what they live off of.

Where does algae live?

There are lots of types of algae. but algae live, grow and multiply in water. but where you ask? in a fish tank, pond, or the ocean.

Why are red algae able to live at greater depths in the oceans than the brown algae?

Red algae is able to live at greater depths than brown algae because of efficiency in harvesting. The red algae can live as deep as 260 meters in the ocean.

Do algae eaters live in the ocean?

Many types of fish are called algae eaters, and they live in every body of water where algae occurs.

Algae and aquatic plants plants that live in water need what to live in pond water?


Can algae live in moving water?

Algae cannot live in moving water. The water has to be distilled.

Can a crayfish live with an algae eater?

No, it will eat the algae eater.

What type of climate do algae live in?

It depends on what type of algae it is.

What are three facts about algae?

Algae produces more than 71% of the earth's oxygen. Some types of algae can live in snow. Some types of algae can live in boiling water.

Does algae need sunlight to live?

Algae does indeed need sunlight to live. This is because algae make their food from the suns rays like plants do.

Does algae need water in order to grow?

Yes; most algae even live in water (such as pond algae).

It is easy for algae to absorb water because algae?

Because they live in water

Is it easy for algae to absorb water because algae live in water?


Where do green algae live?

Green algae live in ponds, ditches and all shorts of waterbodies having rain water.

How do coral and algae get along?

Coral and algae (specifically the algae called zooxanthellae) have an intimate symbiotic relationship. The algae live inside the coral, and provide it with sugars and other photosynthesis byproducts. The coral provides the algae with nutrients for photosynthesis and a safe place to live and reproduce.

What producers live in rivers?


What plants live in the water?


What plants live in a puddle?


Where in the Chesapeake does algae live?

in chile

Will a plecostamus live with no algae in fish tank?

Yes but you will need to feed it algae wafers.

What type of algae forms coral reefs?

Microscopic Algae live in coral reefs

What allows red algae to live deeper than other algae?

they got swag

Algae live in what zone?

Algae lives in every zone. Where there is a body of water algae growth of different types can take place.

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