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Asteroids strike the surface of the Earth randomly. There is no place on the earth that is a preferred location for asteroid strikes.


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Meteorites are asteroids that strike the Earth.

Yes. Asteroids can enter earth's atmosphere. In such an event the asteroid will probably strike earth's surface.

Asteroids, if large enough, can strike anywhere on the Earth.

If, by "small," you mean relative to what astronomer classify as planets, such objects are referred to as either planetoids or, even smaller, as asteroids. There are vast numbers of asteroids orbiting the sun. Many of them strike the moon and the Earth, though the Earth's atmosphere destroys most of the smaller asteroids.

jupiters moons are different some have an atmosphere and MOST are asteroids

Meteorites or asteroids can strike planets and moons.

Yes, though for most asteroids the gravity is very weak.

Where are most asteroids in the solar system located

Asteroids are cold not hot. Usually around -250F.

No. Most asteroids in the solar system are in the asteroid belt, but not all. The ones that may threaten to strike earth, for example, are outside the asteroid belt.

Im not quite sure if there is a classification for asteroids, but most asteroids are made up of Iron and some have Nickel

No. Most asteroids are in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

The entire atmosphere will burn up small asteroids (meteors), but larger ones will strike the Earth. This is how the Caribbean Sea was created.

• Most asteroids are quite small, under 1 kilometer in size

The most asteroids are found within the asteroid belt, which is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Asteroids Minerals Asteroids are made of Rocks,Craters and other Asteroids So .... most sciientist bielieve they are remanings of planets not formed

Most asteroids are located within the asteroid belt which is between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids are also known as planetoids or minor planets.

Some asteroids do cross earth's orbit, but most do not.

Today. Thousands of small asteroids hit the earth every day, most falling into the ocean, and most extremely small. The last major asteroid event occurred 65 million years ago.

Most asteroids orbit around stars and move faster than them.

No, Actually most asteroids are found beyond Pluto, the asteroid ring there is called the Kupiter belt it has much more asteroids between the belt between Jupiter and Mars. -- BananaPower

Most asteroids are not in the same plane as earth. The word plane is quite generic. Some asteroids come very close to earth, and that is not a good thing as they could cause serious damage.

Earth is much more massive than asteroids and comets, and thefore has much stronger gravity, which pulls it into a spherical shape. Most asteroids and comets do not have strong enough gravity to do this.

Some asteroids are. Most are composed of a mixture of silicate minerals. Others are a mixture of the two.

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