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they live in parts of Florida, they live in most parts of north America and Texas, Eastern United States, ranging from as far north as Nova Scotia, all the way down to central Florida. They also live as far west as Wisconsin and the Rockies and were introduced widely throughout Colorado, British Columbia, California, and other western states.

They tend to live in vegetation along the edge of large, slow moving, bodies of freshwater. water in ponds

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What do bullfrogs live in?

Bullfrogs prefer to live near water. And in warm climates.

Do bullfrogs live in a desert?

Yes, bullfrogs live in the desert but must have permanent water, such as a river.

Do bullfrogs lay live young or eggs?

Bullfrogs lay a spawn of eggs.

Are bullfrogs still in England?

No but America is the most popular country bullfrogs live in

What are a bullfrogs adaptation?

They live in Antartica.

Do bullfrogs live in the desert?

no they don't they need water to live.

Do bullfrogs live in Africa?

African bullfrogs are found in desert, savannah, and grasslands of sub-Saharan Africa.

Does a bullfrogs burrow in the ocean?

Yes, bullfrogs in fact burrow in oceans. They live together in groups monaphlins.

Do bullfrogs have live babies or do they have eggs?


Do bullfrogs live in Winnipeg?

No, Winnipeg is not in the natural habitat range of bullfrogs. There are many other types of frogs in manitoba, but not bullfrogs, unless they have been imported form elsewhere.

How do bullfrogs get food?

The bullfrogs get food from the wild. They live in conditions that allow them to get food just like any other animal.

Do south African bullfrogs live in the rainforest?

Yes they do

Where do American bullfrogs live?

swamps, ponds, and lakes

What kind of habitat do bullfrogs need to live in?


What part of NC do bullfrogs live?

Try looking in the marches.

How do bullfrogs live?

eat, sleep, reproduce thats all there is to it

How do you make a habitat for a bullfrog?

First you burry a dead squirrel in some soil. then you go to a place where bullfrogs live. then you put your pet bullfrog in that place where bullfrogs live. ITs very simple. why are you asking??????

What symbiotic relationship does bullfrog have with other organisms?

Bullfrogs live alone. So they do not generally have any symbiotic relation. But you could say a bullfrog has a mutualism, paracitism and commensalism type of relation with humans, because bullfrogs can be used for medicine, highschool dissections or bullfrogs help us and feeding their selves when eating annoying bugs like mosquitos. Again, bullfrogs live alone so, as I know, only bullfrogs have a symbiotic relation with a human.

Are bullfrogs poisonous?

bullfrogs are not poisonous but some bullfrogs out the outline of america are

Why are bullfrogs are named bullfrogs?

bullfrogs are named for their deep "cries" that they make

How long can bullfrogs live without food?

Why wouldn't you feed your animals. What you Crazy.

Are bullfrogs dangerous?

Bullfrogs are not dangerous to humans.

Are bullfrogs carnivorous?

Yes, bullfrogs are carnivorous.

Are bullfrogs amphibians?

Yes, bullfrogs are amphibians.

Do bullfrogs have a brain?

Yes bullfrogs do have brains

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