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They live in North Texas

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Q: Where do camille and cosette goldstein live?
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Who plays the two twins in merry Christmas drake and josh?

Camille Goldstein & Cosette Goldsyein

Does cosette goldstein have a boyfriend?


Who are Cosette and Camille Goldstein's parents?

We've been bff's since preschool. November 3, 1994. FYI: They go by Cosi and Cami

How old is camille goldstein?

she is like 16!

What actors and actresses appeared in Pain Is Beauty - 2005?

The cast of Pain Is Beauty - 2005 includes: Jimmy Goetz as Demon Kid on Bus Cosette Goldstein as Demon Twin on School Bus Camille Goldstein as Demon Twin on School Bus Lee Irving as Gerald Kristin Nash as Surgeon Justin Paul Warren as School Bus Driver Carmen Studer as Adela Carlisle Studer as Young Molly

Why do val jean and cosette chose to live in the convent for so many yearsin les miserables?

Valjean and Cosette chose to live in the convent for safety and anonymity. Valjean wanted to protect Cosette and keep her hidden from Javert, who was still searching for him. Additionally, the convent provided a peaceful and sheltered environment for them to live in.

When was Cosette created?

Cosette was created in 1862.

What is the birth name of Cosette Lee?

Cosette Lee's birth name is Mabel Cosette LeGassicke.

Is it Gavroche or Cosette on the poster?

It's Young Cosette!

Where is fauchelevent and Cosette's home?

Fauchelevent and Cosette's home is located in Montfermeil, a commune in the eastern suburbs of Paris, France. It is a small village where they live in poverty before being taken in by Jean Valjean.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cosette - 2007?

The cast of Cosette - 2007 includes: Simon Bossell as Father of Cosette Niki Owen as Suburban Mother Mia Wasikowska as Cosette

Is there a Saint Cosette?

There is no recognized saint named Cosette in the Catholic tradition. "Cosette" is a fictional character from Victor Hugo's novel "Les Misérables."