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cats like to sleep in a small, warm, safe, area or with a group of cats together if there is no safe area for the cat to sleep and no other cats around and the cat can't be inside the cat will probably sleep by the side of a house, under a deck or porch, or on a patio chair. i hope i was helpful!!

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What do cats like to do at there free time?

Sleep, sleep and sleep.

How long should cats sleep?

Cats sleep on and off for as long as they like. Cats sleep very lightly and can wake up easily. It is said that cats sleep about 13-16 hours a day.

Do Siamese cats like to sleep?

I'm pretty sure all cats like to sleep at some point in life.

Do hyenas sleep like cats?


Can cats sleep with there eyes open?

cats can sleep with there eyes opened my friend has a cat and her baby cat always sleep like that

When do cats sleep?

they can sleep where you can sleep, unless you sleep on a bed of nails or fire or anything like that.

What are the things that cats like to do?

Some things cats like to do is play,cuddle,sleep,eat,

DO cats sleep good at night?

Cats can sleep well or poorly just like people can. However cats will nap frequently whether it is day or night.

When does cats sleep?

from my experience, cats like to sleep somewhere warm, not drafty. And as around 70% of cats are nocturnal, usually they sleep in the daytime, i say 70% because cats can adapt to your habits too, so its really all about the cats personality, and owner.

Do cats sleep?

Yes, cats do sleep.

Why do cats sleep in hot places?

they like the warmth

Do dogs like to sleep?

yes, not as much as cats, but yes, dogs love to sleep.

Why do cats always sleep with the same person?

Cats are like people. They pick out their favorite and latch on.

Where does the cat sleep?

Cats like to sleep on the couch, in a special round soft bed especially made for cats, on your bed, in your bed, in a box and they usually have a pattern as to where they sleep at different times of the day.

How many hours do cats sleep?

cats sleep about six hours.

When and where do cats sleeps?

Most cats if they are house cats will sleep mostly when they want to. Cats will most likely sleep where they want.

What are siemese cats mostly like?

Siemese cats are a lot of the time frisky, but they aren't frisky all of the time, they sleep or just hang out like all cats do.

Is it true that cats don't like bunnies?

I think the majority of cats dont like bunnies but my friends kitten and rabbit sleep together...

How do wilde cats sleep?

Cats Sleep in nests and small hollows they find.

Why does your cat meo after we go to sleep?

it wants to play cats are like vampires , they sleep in the day and play at night

Why do cats sleep with you?


What do cats like to do most?

They sleep most of the time. Other than that, they like to eat and play.

cats or dog and give me some real reasons why you like them?

Dogs are fun to play with. cats sleep all day

When do cats sleep day or night?

House cats sleep both day and night.

What do cats do to live?

Just like us, they have to eat, drink and sleep to live.

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