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some people think that farts ( or flatulence) is simply absorbed into the muscle tissue but that is just an opinion. farts actually go back up into the intestinal area and basically waits for you to relax.

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Is it bad to hold in farts?

Holding in your farts are good for you, it keeps your inner system locked. If you late go your farts out, they could be deadly to by-standers. Epcaltly if your farts are really loud and smell like poo, you could cause someone to go to the hospital. So NEVER late your farts slip out.

Can you explode if you hold in ur farts?

First of all NO And Second of all.... THAT IS A WIERD QUESTION!

How are bridges able to hold the tremendous amount of weight that they hold?

the farts hold it up.

Is it bad to hold in your farts?

TOO long, yes.

Is it bad to hold your farts?

Yes actually i had to go to the doctor for that reason it is very painful, haha sorry explaining this makes me laugh

Is inhaling farts healthy?

..... If you just go out inhalin farts, there is something wrong with you. 0_o

Can you hold in your farts?

Anybody can but if you do your stomach will hurt like crazy after a while.

What is smoking and drugs?

when you hold a dildo in your mouth and suck farts out of grannys arses

What happens when farts stink?

Every one hold there nose or runs away

What is grecco-roman civilization?

farts farts farts farts farts

What are the chemicals that go into fireworks?

my mums farts

How did sam hughes fail as head of the ministry of militia?

Farts farts farts farts farts farts poo

Is it ok to hold your farts in?

You can try - and yes it's O.K. But the gas WILL leak out eventually.

Can holding in farts be bad for you?

It's okay to hold it in for a little bit, but the gas is somehow going to have to get out of your body. Eventually, you can't hold it in.

How do you hold in a fart?

Actually if you hold a "fart" it infects body or bowel causing the to shut the hart down causing him/her to die(if you do it to much) so don't hold in your "farts"

How do you cure bad farts?

dont go to school

If you feel the need how do you make yourslef belch?

Hold in your farts, and they will be forced to come out the other end! :)

How do you make your farts not smell?

hold a cup to your but then put lid on cup then thorw it out...=D your welcome

What was the sumerians written law?

farts farts farts

How do you get rid of stinky farts?

by holding your nose and waiting for it to go

What ingredients go into cement?

poo pie and butts and farts

What types of professional help did Hermann Hesse have in search of his peace of mind?

Farts farts farts farts

Is holding farts bad for you?

yes because you hold the carbon dioxide in your system instead of getting rid of it

What makes up the basic structure of a lipid?

Farts, Farts, And Farts.

Why do girls farts smell so bad?

because they hold them in more, same reason girls' dumps are ginormous

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