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Q: Where do geoligist look for petroleum?
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What is the main job of a geoligist?

the job of a geoligist is licking rocks, they then figure out what the rock is. The job of a geoligist is quite amazing!

Who studies fossil?

All the sixth graders studied fossils.

What is a name for the science that studies the earth?


Are there any rock scientists?

yes, geoligist

What kind of scientists study substances and how they change?


How much do geoligist's make?

up to $30,550 a year

How much money do geoligist make?

up to $30,550 a year

What engineer studies the interaction of forces and materials?

geoligist i guess

What does petroleum look like?

like gas or fuel.

How does a geoligist know that rock layers are undisturbed?

no because that's why I asked u

Did they bury King Tutankhamun in a pyramid?

no. geoligist didnt mean to find his tomb but they did.

A person who studies rocks and soil?

A geologist.