Where do giant squids eat?

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Do penguins eat giant squids or do giant squids eat penguins?

they never meet up in the wild that much because giant squids favor deeper water, but if they met a penguin has no chance of surviving.

Do giant squids eat sharks?

Yes. Giant squids can even kill great white sharks.

Do giant squids eat sperm whales?


Do giant squids eat tiger sharks?


Do giant squids eat each other?


Do giant squids eat eels?


Do orcas eat giant squids?

No, orcas and giant squids do not even cross paths because they do not live in the same area.

What animals eat the giant squids?

The Sperm Whale Eats The Giant Squid

What do sperm whale eat?

Giant squids >< O

What is the sperm whales niche?

They eat giant squids.

What food does a Giant Squid eat?

Giant squid eat deep sea fish and sometimes other squids.

How do giant squids eat?

They have a beak underneath all of their appendages.

How do the giant squids eat?

they use their two feeding tentecals

Do giant squids eat sea turtles?

yes they do yes they do

What do giant sqiud eat?

Giant squid eat fish, shrimp and other squids. Maybe even small whales.

What is the shape of the giant squids teeth?

Giant squids, like other squids, have beaks, not teeth.

What plants do giant squids eat?

they eat pretty much anyting, like small sea creatures they just rap around and suck upGiant squids are carnivores meat eaters and don't eat any kind of plants.

Where are giant squids located in the food chain?

Giant squids are pretty much at the top of the food chain. They eat blue whales, they'll even eat sharks, that's if they attack the giant squid. They'll eat anything that bothers it, even humans. Felipe Vasquez III

Do humans eat giant squids?

I think humans eat giant squid if they are brave enough to see what it tasteslike!-Jacob Huston

Are Giant squids Friendly to humans?

Giant squids are to be in the wild. They are not to friendly to people.

How do giant squids eat their food?

they meess aruond wiht hte doof

What kind of food do giant squids eat?

shrimp, fish and other squid.

How do giant squids obtain energy?

They capture and eat food to obtain energy.

Why do giant squids eat fish shrimp and other squid?

Because they are hungry.

What are giant squids related to?

little squids