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Glow worms live in in caves they also live in rainforest but they mostly live in caves

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Do glow worms live in soil?

No glow worms do not live in soil they live in caves[the roof of caves]

What is the glow worms habitat?

they live in earth

Do glow worms live in caves?

yes glow worms do live in caves they also live in rainforest glow worms do not only live in one part of the world they can found in just about every place you could think of. i'd just like to let you know i am a twelve year old girl and am doing a project on glow worms just because i am twelve doesn't mean my answers are wrong as i have been doing research on glow worms for over 3 months now so i will inform you that i have alot of knowledge from my research

What are facts about glow worms?

Glow wormsThey swallow rocks to help with digestion.They glow.

Do glow worms have a light source of their own?

yes actually glow worms have a chemical reaction in their behind and this causes a glow this glow attracts other insects towards the glow worms so that they can eat them

What are facts about about glow worms?

they glow

How long do glow worms live for?

Some months.their life is'nt long

What are amzing facts about glow worms?

they glow

How bright is a glow worms glow?


Do they still make toys that are soft but glow for kids to snuggle with, like glow worms?

Glow worms are still available for children.

Are glow worms omnivores?


What creatures live in caves?

bats, glow worms ,certain types of fish,and salamanders

What are glow worms?

Glow worms are worms that usually live in caves. They have a type of bacteria that "glows". That allows their behind to glow. A glow worm uses its "glow" to catch insects. Hunting Glow worms make something like a spider web made of mucus. They climb to the top of the cave and just let down several strings of mucus. At the tip of each one, it places some bacteria that glows. Then, it climbs into a "bed" made of mucus and waits. The caves insects, being attracted to the blueish glow, fly to it and get stuck into the slimy mucus. The glow worm "reels" in its prey and devours it.

Do glow worms have wings?


How long do glowworms live?

Glow-worms live for about 9 months, and then hatch into a fly, which only lives a few days.

Insects glow worms?

Glow worms are insects and insect larvae that glow through bioluminescence. The glowing can either be used to attract mates or to ward off predators.

How do glow worms reproduce?

your moma

Do glow worms have organs?


Are glowworms invertebrate?

Yes, glow worms [Lampyris noctiluca] are invertebrates. Insects are invertebrates, because they have no backbone. Glow worms have no backbone. They're insects that somewhat resemble worms.

Where are glow worms found?

Glow worms are found in dark places known as caves or many other names as you can look in the thersouras glow worms are amazing and you may get to see them around the Australian land or Queensland area. Hope this answerd your question!

Are there female worms and male worms?

No. Earthworms are hermaphroditic which means that they are both male and female so you could say there goys or birls. So they can mate with any other worm.But if you say that it is for glow-worms, there is. Female glow-worms doesn't have wings while the male glow-worms have. So in this conclusion, Earthworms may have female and male.

Do glow worms have backbones?

no they don't

Where can one purchase glow worms?

There are a few places where one can buy glow worms. The list includes eBay, pets at home and many other sites like the ones mentioned. However many of these sites sell items that are glow worm products and not actually worms.

What are the foods that belong to the glow foods?

glow worms, lightning bugs, and mcdonalds. hope this helped.

What do glow worms eat?

other mini beasts