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They distribute evenly throughout the atmosphere.


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No. The greenhouse effect is a consequence of heat-trapping gasses.

Yes. The greenhouse effect is a consequence of the properties of certain gasses.

Yes, Greenhouse gasses are causing the Earth to heat up. As the level of Greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere continue to rise, so will the average temperature of our planet.

Greenhouse gasses are gases in the atmosphere that absorb, and that emit radiation within the thermal infrared range. Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.

greenhouse gasses trap sunlight (heat) in the earths atmosphere causing the planet to get warmer

Water vapour and carbon dioxide are the main greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere

It releases gasses that facilitates the greenhouse effect into the atmosphere.

Human activities can alter the atmosphere because of greenhouse gasses and aerosols. The greenhouse gasses that are released due to human activities include methane, nitrous oxide, halocarbons, and carbon dioxide.

No. The greenhouse effect is the process by which certain gasses, called greenhouse gasses, help to trap heat within Earth's atmosphere. This effect has been in place for as long as Earth has had an atmosphere and is necessary for life to exist. Without it, the planet would freeze over. Global warming is primarily the result of an enhanced greenhouse effect, caused by extra geenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere.

greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere

Greenhouse gasses is a gas in the atmosphere That absorbs and emits radiation. The primary greenhouse gasses in the earth's atmosphere are water vapor, carbone dioxide , methane, Nitrous oxide and ozone. Greenhouse gasses affect the earth by keeping the heat at earth making the ice melts which increase the water level. Making floods and many people will be killed.

Yes. The greenhouse effect is caused by gasses that block thermal radiation from a planet's surface.

we need carbon dioxide, as it is one of the greenhouse gasses, the gasses are what make up our atmosphere. Without an atmosphere, we wouldn't be able to survive, as the conditions would be unfavourable.

Two greenhouse gasses are water vapour and carbon dioxide. You can stop heating water to reduce one and you can stop breathing to reduce the other.

Many different types of gasses, such as methane and water vapor. The gasses cause the sunlight's heat to be trapped within our atmosphere.

Because Greenhouse gasses have the effect of raising the temperature of the atmosphere. this will lead to all kinds of natural changes that may be harmful to the natural order of things.

The geological record shows both the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and the past temperature of the planet.

I guess you mean: what are the major greenhouse gasses?Greenhouse gasses are those who contribute to the increase in temperature of the earth's atmosphere.The main gasses are:water vaporcarbon dioxide (CO2)nitrous oxidemethaneozoneSee the link below for a more comprehensive explanation of the Greenhouse Effect.

Due to more greenhouse gasses present in the atmosphere. The earth's atmosphere is getting warmer and the ice will basically be melting.

The atmosphere and hydrosphere. In particular the greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere - water vapour, methane and carbon dioxide.

No. Oil (petroleum) is a liquid. Greenhouse gasses are just that- gasses.

What causes greenhouse gasses? I dont know why do you even ask?

Greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, water vapour and methane act to slow down the escape of infrared radiation from the atmosphere. It is this trapped radiation that warms up the planet.

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