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Q: Where do humans obtain most of their water?
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Where do plants obtain most of there water?

from soil.

Through what structures do plants obtain most of their water?

Plants obtain most of their water through their roots

What do humans have most in there body?


What is the nonliving resources that humans obtain from ecosystems?

The nonliving resources that humans obtain from ecosystems are called

What do humans have the most of in their bodies?

water and cell!

Where do humans get most of the water they use?


Which desert animal feeds off the barrel cactus?

All kinds of water needing animals will use this plant to obtain water. Birds, rodents, and humans.

What do you as humans need the most?

water than food

Can people live off of water?

Humans cannot live without water but they require more than just water alone to survive. Water provides no nutrition which can only be obtain but consuming food.

Can human pollute water?

Yes. Humans have the capacity to pollute water with no difficulty. They most certainly can and do. Take the Chesapeake Bay for example. Yup. Most pollution comes from humans

Where do echidnas get water?

Echidnas obtain most of their water needs from the termites, ants and insect larvae they eat.

Explain why humans obtain limiting energy from eating lettuce?

As lettuce's molecular structure is mainly made up of water (H2O), humans are unable to obtain energy, nor vitamins and nutrients from that source of food. As well as being made up of mainly water, lettuce, is a plant of cellulase. Therefore, humans need a more adequate source of food to help the body maintain its energy levels