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You get that part in the gym leaders building in the rubber tube.This is in Cerulean City

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Where do you find the generator part for the power in plant in soul silver?

you go to the cerulean gym by the floaties on the left after take it back to power plant

What does team rocket give you on the bridge battle in Pokemon soul silver?

he gives you the missing machine part for the generator at the power plant :) hope i helped :D

Where do you find the generator part in soul silver?

after beating the gym leader misty, go down the stairs of the gym, go left and press A on the rubber rings, this is where the machine part is for the power plant.

What to do in the power plant in Pokemon Silver?

You talk to the boss and he will say that somebody stole a part from the generator, when you return the part, he will give you the TM Zap Cannon. You can also now take the train from Saffron to Goldenrod.

How do you get the generator part soul silver?

Where are the genorator parts in soul soul silver

Where do you find the generator part on Pokemon heart gold for the power plant?

Go to the gym where misty is at then go to the golden bridge and then on and on

Where is the stolen part from the generator for the power plant in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The stolen part for the Generator can be found in the tubes in the Cerulean Gym, the tubes that it's hidden within is would be the ones that are on the left side of the swimming pool but at the very top.

How do you fix the power plant in Pokemon Silver?

find the miss part of the machine. It is in the center of Misty's gym.

Can you get Zapdos in soul silver?

yes it is by the power plant after u bet team rocket and get the part back

Can you still find the part in the water after you beat misty in Pokemon soul silver?

you can;t because she will never be there until you get the part to the power plant

How do you get to the power running in the magnet train again in Pokemon soul silver?

after you get the power plant missing part back to the plant it should be running if you need help go to serebii.net for a walkthrough

How do you get power plant working on Pokemon silver?

Find the missing part in Cerulean City's gym. It is in the middle of the gym in the water.

How do you solve power plant?

Go to the power plant talk to the guy in charge (the one nearest to the generator) and as your walking out of there a security guard should go to one of the employees and say something about celadon city, go there go into the gym and a team rocket dude will run into you speak to you and run out then you go north of celadon city and run into him again this time you battle him and he tells you the generator part is in the celadon city gym take the part back top the power plant and be awesome

How do you repair the power plant in soul silver?

You need to find the Power Plant parts. You can find them by facing off against a rocket grunt in the cerulean gym, and one on the bridge leading off to the Cerulean Cape. Then you will find the Power Plant part in the top left part of the gym inside a pile of Inner Tubes.

What do you do with the machine part on Pokemon silver version?

after you get the machine part you take it to the kanto power plant where Zapdos used to be at Leafgreen and Firered aha you're welcome

What do you do when you have found the machine part on soul silver?

talk to the fat guy in the power plant, near the rocktunnel. he's working at the machine

How is electric energy generated in a hydroelectric power plant?

Hydroelectric plants use moving water to spin vanes attached to the spinning part of a generator resulting in electricity

What do you do after you fix the generator in Pokemon Soul Silver?

The powerplant one? Well. go to Mystys gym top mid-left of the Gym you will find Machine part, bring it back to the plant and your good!

Where is the generator part in Pokemon soul silver?

its in the gym with misty hidden behind a tubey thing

What is a exciter generator?

It's part of a larger generator that uses field windings (typically on the rotor or spinning part of the generator) instead of permanent magnets to create an electromagnet. The exciter generator provides the power to the field windings. It often is attached to the same shaft as the larger generator.

Where is the missing part for the power plant in soul silver?

With the girl who the team rocket grunt interupted on her dat on the bridge leading to bill's house

How do you get the piece for power plant in Pokemon silver?

a team rocket dude hid it at mistys gym follower him then find the part* *on the farthest left

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