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south and west america

Sloths are not marsupial.

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Where do all sloths live?

Sloths live in the canopy part in the rainforest

Which rainforest do sloths live in?

Sloths live in trees in south America

Do sloths have upside down pouches?

Well since a sloth isn't a marsupial, it doesn't have a pouch.

Do sloths have live babies?

Sloths are mammals, so yes, they do have live babies.

How long do sloths live for?

Sloths live around 25 to 30 years.

Are sloths mammals marsupials or carnivores?

Marsupial has to do with how the young are born and cared for. Carnivore is about what they eat. There are carnivore marsupials - like the Tasmanian Devil. Sloths are mammals, NOT marsupials, and NOT carnivores.

Do sloths live in the Arctic?

No, sloths are tropical animals.

Is a two toed sloth a monotreme a marsupial or a placental mammal?

All species of sloths are placental mammals.

What is the only marsupial to live in US?

The only marsupial to live in the US is the Virginia opossum.

Do sloths live alone?

NO, Sloths do not live alone. When sloths were first born they live 15 years with their mom and then they leave their mom to go build their nest alone.

Where did prehistoric sloths live?

Prehistoric sloths known as giant sloths lived in North America.

What type of sloths live in jungles?

Tree sloths, Three-Toed Sloths, and Green Sloths are the most prominent sloths in the Amazon Jungle. Other sloths also but mostly those sloths in jungles

Who do sloths live with?


What sort of habitat do sloths live in?

sloths live is cold places and shelter in caves or trees

On which continent do sloths live?

Sloths live in the rainforests of South and Central America.they lived in warm weather

Were do sloths live?

sloths live in centrel America and they live in the under canopy of the rainforest floor - in trees very high of the ground.

Do sloths live in grasslands?

NO. Sloths are forest-dwelling animals that live and climb on trees, they do not live in grasslands where there are literally no trees to speak of.

Where does a sloth live?

sloths live in the flats ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Where do the sloths live?


What do sloths live in?


Do sloths live in china?


Do sloths live in Antarctica?

They do.

Do sloths live in groups?


Do sloths live in rainforests?

Yes i think sloths do live in rainforests but i not sure what type of rainforests Temprate or Tropical

Are sloths in the understory?

most types of sloths live in the under story but out of 100% about 2 live in the canopy

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