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Everywhere in the world. This question contains a key variable not mentioned: BREED.

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quarter horses No, palomino comes from iberian horses that originally carried the genes for palomino. ( think Lusitano horse).

Palomino horses? Anything that other horses eat!

Palomino is a coat color. It has no bearing on the health or longevity of a horse's life. But most horses today can be expected to live into their 30s.

Palomino is a color so there is no specific adaptation associated with palomino horses that is notpresent in horses in general.

Palomino is not a breed. Palomino is a COLOR. Just like paint horses are not a breed, they are a COLOR. Palomino can be found in most but not all breeds of horses.

Palomino is a denomination of a color, not a breed, because you can find peruvian horses that are palomino colored, or quarter mile horses that are palomino colored, etc

Palomino is a color not a breed therefore the horses size would depend on the horses actual breed.

Palomino is a color, and almost every breed can have palomino, so you may have a 2ft palomino mini horse, while you can also have a 20hh draft horse. Palomino horses can get up to 16 hands.

Same as any other horse, around thirty years.

Since palomino is a color and not a true breed, the predators would vary slightly depending on the horses location. Palomino is a chestnut horse that inherited one copy of the cream gene and was born palomino. That means that palomino horses can occur in any breed with both chestnut and cream colored horses. In most areas a horses predators are dogs/ wolves, big cats, bears, and humans.

Palomino is a color not a breed, therefore a palomino can be of any height. Any breed that carries both the chestnut (red) gene and the cream gene can produce a palomino colored foal. This includes miniature horses all the way up to draft sized horses.

Palomino is a colour type, not a horse breed. It is believed there have been palomino horses since prehistoric times.

Palomino and pinto are coats. You cannot tell which horse is better just by coats.

Palomino is a color of horse or pony. Horses typically live 20-25 years but can live longer, 30+ years.

Palomino is a horse breed and colour and im pretty sure that it is

Palomino is a color not a breed. There are horses with the palomino color in the Mustangs of the American west. They are found in many domestic breeds, including Quarter Horses, American Paints, half Arabs to name a few. So they can live anywhere there are people. The most famous of Palominos has to Mr. Ed TV's talking horse of the 1960's. Mr. Ed's real name was Bamboo Harvester and his breed was American Saddlebred.

Palomino horses are golden with a flaxen mane and tail

A palomino horse is a horse who has a white mane and tail, and a goldish light brown coat.

There is no way to answer this question. A palomino is a color not a breed or type of horse. Many different breeds accept the palomino color in their registries, from miniature horses to Quarter Horses and everything in between.

Their colour is palomino and ages ago they were used to pull carriages which were tiny and palomino horses pulled them .It is also sausage

No just like a pinto is not a racehorse. Palomino is a color not a breed though some Quarter horses can be Palomino racehorses. As can Thoroughbreds.

Most horses are pregnant for ten to twelve months.

Palomino is a color and not a breed, a horses color will in no way affect it's habits.

Palomino is a color, not a breed. Palomino coloring can be found in many breeds, therefore the length of the horse will be determined more by the breed than the color.

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