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Where do pediatricians go to college?

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The go to medical schools throughout the world. Specialization normally occurs as part of the intern process and continuing education at that point.

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Do pediatricians have to go to college?

Yes 5 years of it

Why do pediatricians go to college for a lot of years?

pediatricians are doctors. all doctors go to school for many years. it is crucial to have a thorough education of anatomy as well as symptoms of illness to be a competent Pediatrician.

Do pediatricians need an agent?

No - they need a college education.

What is a FACOP?

Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians

What schools are available for pediatricians?

Mississippi college school

What degree do pediatricians master in college?

They get a medical degree which takes 12+ years of college and internship.

Is it easy to find a job opening to become a pediatricians?

To become a pediatrician you need 12+ years of college first. Then, you go find the job.

How long do pediatricians have to go to college?

In the United States: It typically takes 11 years to become a pediatrician after high school: 4 years of College 4 years of Medical School 3 years of Pediatric Residency

How many years do pediatricians have to go to school for?

eleven years

Why are pediatricians needed?

pediatricians needed to treat kids

What is a general primary care pediatrician?

do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies?

Do pediatricians get days off?

Depends on where you work but most pediatricians do.

Who is a Pediatricians apprentiship?

If pediatricians were to have an apprentice, it would be a pediatric resident.

Where do pediatricians often work?

Pediatricians usually work in hospitals.

Are there promotions for pediatricians?

No, there isn't because pediatricians get paid a lot.

Are pediatricians only from the US?

No there are also pediatricians in other countries.

Are pediatricians a professional position?

Yes, pediatricians are considered professionals.

Are pediatricians a kind of doctors?

Yes. Pediatricians are doctors for kids.

Are pediatricians healthcare or nursing?

Pediatricians are licensed medical practitioners.

What is the dress-code for working pediatricians?

pediatricians have no dress code when there at work but pediatricians in training usually wear scrubbs.

Do pediatricians work on feet?

Pediatricians work on all parts of children.

Where do the most pediatricians live?

I think most pediatricians live in California

What should you major in if you want to become a pediatrician?

You should study in Biology. Or ask the person that asks you when you get to college what should pediatricians study in.

How many years of college does a 'pediatricians' need?

It will take four years as a full-time student for the bachelor's degree and four years of medical school. There will also be an additional three or more years to complete the internship and residency requirements.

What areCool facts about pediatricians?

There are about 1,978 to 2,000 pediatricians in the United States of America.