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Pediatritioans usually work in a hospital, clinic or private practice.

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What is a general primary care pediatrician?

do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies? do pediatricians work with alot of babies?

Where do pediatricians often work?

Pediatricians usually work in hospitals.

Do pediatricians work on feet?

Pediatricians work on all parts of children.

Do pediatricians usually work inside or outside?

Pediatricians usually work inside.

What are normal work hours for pediatricians?

Pediatricians usually work about 50 hours a week.

Do most pediatricians work in a company or for themselves?

Most pediatricians work in private practice.

Do pediatricians get days off?

Depends on where you work but most pediatricians do.

What type of medicine fields do pediatricians work in?

Pediatricians work with kids. They can work in offices and hospitals. I hope this answers your question.

What is the dress-code for working pediatricians?

pediatricians have no dress code when there at work but pediatricians in training usually wear scrubbs.

Who do pediatricians work with?


Do pediatricians work with machines more than people?

Pediatricians work with people much more than they work with machines.Pediatricians mainly work with people, but they use some diagnostic machines like a stethoscope, x-ray machine, etc.

What are pediatricians work conditions?

pediatrician work conditions

Do pediatricians have to work day or nights or both?

Pediatricians are a type of private doctors, therefore they can control the timing of how long they want to work. If private then, its under their choice. Pediatricians in hospitals are controlled by their supervisors.

Do pediatricians only work in hospitals?


Where is a pediatricians workplace?

pediatricians usually work in a doctors office with young childrena dn babies

Do pediatricians travel to work?

Yes, most of them travel to work.

What is the retirement age for pediatricians?

Pediatricians in private practice are generally self-employed. They can work as long as they wish.

What are the work requirements for pediatricians?

You have to like kids!

Do pediatricians do paper work?

Yes, and lots of it.

Where can you work when you are a pediatrician?

Pediatricians work at hospilals,example Red Cross

What are doctors who work with kids called?

Doctors that work with kids are pediatricians.

Why Pediatricians have high job satisfaction?

pediatricians normally have high job satisfactions because they like to work around kids.

Do pediatricians get to choose the days they would like to work on or is it an everyday thing?

The answer depends on the work setting. Some pediatricians work part-time, and some work more than five days per week.

What are pediatricians typical work conditions?

hard and stressful!

Do pediatricians get paid for overtime work?