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Where do people sleep on the streets?


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people sleep on the streets n they sleep in door ways and any where were it is dry.


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they sleep in shelters or they sleep on the streets

a hotel if u cant afford it then u sleep on the streets

They provide a free place to sleep and some food for people living on the streets.

The homeless sleep on the streets if they do not find a place to sleep then they just find a place to sleep, which is often in unsafe circumstances, such as:the park and sleep on the benchesunder bridgesin alleysin doorways of shops after closingin abandoned houses or abandoned buildings

sleep on the streets and beg for money

The cacophony in the streets made it hard to sleep.

London Streets were very disgusting, people threw there poo and wee in the streets.

They didnt bring much but some stuff like money (not that much either) clothes and blankets (just in case they had too sleep in the streets)

They can stop putting them on the streets, or just adopting more of them from pounds. Some things can't be helped, though

she did not help poor people witch live in streets that I know of.

Yes, it is illegal to scare people on the streets. Some people could be choked or even pass away if they can't tolerate it.

Poor victorians would mainly live on the streets and would not have much money

they sleep like people in earth but they sleep in bed they pull them down to the bed

because people have to sleep to build up more and more energy as they sleep and night

Many people prefer to sleep naked.

People are supposed to sleep in daytime

Many people were poor but the people who were wealthy were very wealthy. The streets were full of beggars and people would discard their waste in the streets.

The tomatoes have a special acid that cleans people and the streets. After its over, people use water hoses to clean up the streets

I Dont Really think People Sleep In Castles but If people did I Think They Would Sleep In the Most Beautiful Room in There :)

Pakistani people sleep on matresses but don't have beds

to remember their names for their contributions

Traditionally they would sleep on futons Now many people sleep in western style beds.

There are two kinds of sleeps when humans sleep .Most of the people don't go to deep sleep. They are semiconscious. The dream they get in the semiconscious sleep people do know.But the people who go to deep sleep will not know their dream.

People do not usually sleep in a tree.

People were cramed in bunks together and that's where they had to sleep.

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