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It is said that puppets originate from India, but no one actually knows where they originate from!

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Q: Where do puppets originate from?
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Where did sock puppets originate from?


When did the use of puppets originate?

Dont know a specific year but I do know puppets were around before roman times but I did find a link that can help you out. Click the link below labeld "Puppets"

Where did the finger puppet originate?

India is thought to be the place where puppets first originated. but no-one actually knows if this is true,as puppets are too old for us to remember. =D

Types of puppets?

1.shadow puppets 2.hand puppets 3.marionette puppets 4.water puppets 5.finger puppets 6.stick puppets 7.robotic puppets

What are the types of shadow puppets?

marionettes , hand puppets , shadow puppets , finger puppets , sock puppets

What are marionettes?

puppets puppets

Why are puppets made?

Puppets are made for entertainment

Who voices puppets?

Typically the puppeteers that control the puppets.

What is a puppet?

a figure moved and directed by a human. Puppets come in various shapes, sizes and types like hand puppets, full body puppets, latex puppets.

Where can one purchase professional puppets?

There are many types of puppets that professionals may use, such as puppets for ventriloquists, medical professionals, and film makers. Axtell is one company which specializes in professional puppets of all kinds. Pavlovs Puppets is another company which sells all types of professional puppets.

From what country did wayang originate?

Wayang's origins are traced back to the country of Indonesia. Wayang kulits are shadow puppets that have been around for at least 800 years and are used to tell ancient stories.

What is the plural form for puppets?

Puppets is the plural of the noun puppet