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Where do rattail fish live?

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Grenadiers, better known as rattail fish, live deep in the arctic and Antarctic ocean waters. These fish were part of the most abundant in deep-sea fish families.

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How deep does a rattail fish live?

The abyssal rattail fish lives at a depth of anywhere from 6,562 to 14,764 feet deep. There are other types of rattail fish that live about 3,281 feet.

What are the predators of a rattail fish?

Only humans eat rattail fish.

What part of the ocean does rattail fish live in?

the deep or the benthic zone

Where does a rattail fish live?

On the deep sea floor in temperate regions of the world

Do rattail fish live in the Midnight Zone?

i really dont no but i think they are in the abyss or the trench :) (^^^) (y)

Are rattail fish common in any area of the world?

yes they are

How much does the rattail fish weigh?

4-10 pounds

What eats a rattail fish?

The rattail fish is a very scary looking apex predator. They have very few predators. These predators include soupfin sharks, dogfish sharks, and pacific halibut.

What ocean zone does the rattail fish lives in?

The twilight zone or the disphotic zone

What creatures live at the depths of the ocean?

Gulper Eel, viperfish, lanternfish, devil squid, vampire squid, comb jellyfish, anglerfish, tripod fish, blue hake, rattail fish, swallower fish, Eelpout. etc

What is the rarest fish of all?

The Black-lip Rattail, the Humpback Anglerfish, and the Atlantic Wolffish and the blue Finn fish

What is the name of the animals that live in twilight time that is not a nocturnal?

nocturnal twilight zone animals (gulper eel, angler fish, rattail [or rabbit] fish, tripod fish...etc)twilight time of day animals (i have no clue, srry)

What are some organisms in the abyssal zone?

tripod fish, deep sea anglerfish,giant squid, rattail

Do any creatures live in Abyss?

yes, many animals live in the abyss such as: the whip tail gulper eel, sea cucumber, grenadier or rattail fish, a host of marine isopods, glass sponge, Eupleetella asperfillum, catshark, Fangtooth Fish, Pacific Viperfish, Vampire Squid, Black Dragonfish, The "Longhead Dreamer" anglerfish, The Bathysaurus, snaggletooth fish, releyefish, Atolla & Periphilla Jellyfish, The Ping Pong Tree Sponge, Japanese spider crab, and giant squid live down there.

What does a rattail fish eat?

smaller fish, pelagic crustaceans such as shrimp and amphipods, cumaceans and less often cephalopods and lanternfish. As well as being important apex predators in the benthic habitat, some species are also notable as scavengers.

Can Nematodes live on fish?

Nematodes can live on fish, in fish and fish can consume them.

What are some sea animals that begin with the letter R?

rhode island* Ragfish * Rainbow fish * Rainbow trout * Rasbora (fish) * Ratfish * Rattail fish * Ray * Reef shark * Requiem shark* Right whale dolphin * Right whale* Ringed seal * Risso's dolphin* Rock-fish * Ross seal

What kind of fish live on the fish tank?

None, no fish can live ON the fish tank.

Where do pork fish live?

where does a pork fish live

Where do snakehead fish live?

where does the snakehead fish live

What fish live in water?

Fish live in water.

What are some live bearing freshwater fish?

Rainbow Fish are live bearing fish.

Types of fish that live in the ocean?

The term for fish that live in the Oceans is "Marine fish" also a Gay fish

What types of fish live in Antarctica?

lots of types of fish live in Antarctica such as the ice fish and the krill fish

Where do rainbow fish live?

Rainbow fish live in the oceans.

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