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Q: Where do real raindeers live?
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Is prancer and dancer a boy?

Yes, go on youtube and put the real prancer and dancer the raindeers singing

What are raindeers called?


In what biome do reindeer live?

a raindeers habitat is in a forest or a jungle

What color are the Grinch's eyes?

santa ain't real live with itimprovewhoevery wrote that is really mean. :( (and clearly eats babys) lol :D hahahaA raindeers coat is brown and white so the the most dominant colour/colours would be brown or blue. i say that because that's mostly the casts in brown hair humans plus i googled pictures of raindeers and looked at the eyes. :)hope that helps :)

Do raindeers like carrots or oatmeal better?


What president rhymes with one of santas raindeers?

Nixon, that vixen.

How long does live a butterfly?

butterflies live for ever santa and his raindeers look after them in the winter and in the summer they fly around this is the only animal or creature on the planet that never ever dies this is because of santa's raindeers they have special powers

Is any of Santa's reindeer a girl?

probably yes. both female and male raindeers have antlers .

Where does Santa Claus get his dry cleaning done?

Where do you think? The raindeers do it with the help of their magical elf friends.

Can you be a real live mermaid that is pretty?

You can be pretty but not a real live mermaid

What are all the raindeers names that pull Santa's sleigh?

The reindeer names are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen.

When was Real Live created?

Real Live was created on 1984-11-29.