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Q: Where do survivor show contestants go to bathroom?
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How do they go to the bathroom on survivor?

Off camera in their luxury trailers

How do people on the show Survivor deal with their contacts or glasses?

While contestants are able to go with contact lenses on, it is generally not recommended. The show does provide an area with some personal hygiene products which would include contact lens solution, however, it is best to wear glasses or just go without them.

What is a go song for the talent show?

destiny's child "survivor" look it up on youtube

Is there a show for contestants to get on like American idol?

Yes you have to go to audtions on near your hometown. Go on American Idol and see if your home town is on there

What country in Africa did the show survivor go to?

kenya season 3 gabon in the other africa one

How do you apply to go on wait for it cbbc?

Go on the cbbc website and click "help" then on the right is " be on a cbbc show" there is the programmes wanting contestants sorry if the one you are looking for is not there that happened to me too!

Why did your monkey dance?

Your monkey danced because it had to go to the bathroom.... So it wasn't really dancing. Oh, and let it go to the bathroom with privacy.... Monkeys like their privacy while going to the bathroom. OR it won a game show and won a lifetime supply of Organic Bananas!!!!!!!!!!

Should people go change without going to the bathroom?

If they are changing their clothings, no they should not be doing that without going to the bathroom. If people want to change the clothes, they must always go to the bathroom. It is very innapropriate to show nasty stuff and many people don't like it.

If Jeff from survivor died would survivor still go on?

If the show continues to have a successful run and large fan-base they would probably replace Jeff with a new host if he were to die. Hopefully, Jeff is healthy and the producers of the show will never have to run into that problem. Only time will tell.

Who is Gloria Query survivor fan?

Gloria Query is a woman that, as of 2007, had tried out for the show Survivor 14 different times. In the past, she has a been a police officer, a go-go dancer, and a bounty hunter. Unfortunately for Gloria, she never received any call-backs after her tryouts.

When will you go to the bathroom?

You will go to the bathroom when you are ready to. I hope you make it peaceful.

Do you think you should pee on yourself or go to the bathroom?

go to the bathroom