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Most bone sutures in the human skeleton are found in the cranium (skull).


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They are paired form the bulk of the cranial vault four largest sutures occur where the parietal bones join to other bones

Spaces between skull bones that have not ossified usually occur from birth to age two and are called fontanels. By age two, the fontanels close and become sutures.

Sutures are a type of fibrous joint that only occur between bones of the skull, or cranial bones and allow only tiny amounts of movement. The bone edges interlock and the gaps are filled with tissue fibres (hence the name fibrous joints). During middle age, the tissue fibres ossify (become bones) so that the skull bones fuse into one single unit. The immovable nature of sutures helps protect the brain, as any movement of the cranial bones would damage the brain. But to answer the actual question that is asked, it is a synarthroses.

Haematopoesis occurs in the marrow of the human bone (i.e. in all bones of the human body).

The joints that are most remembered for their sutures are the fibrous joints. These joints only occur in the skull and are bound together by Sharpey's fibers.

All bones because they occur in everyone, but you have a bunch of ribs.

Hematopoesis is the production of the blood cells. It normally occurs mainly in the bone marrow, in adults usually in large bones such as the femur. In children it occurs in smaller bones as well. In some conditions it can occur in the liver, spleen, and other organs.

No. Not taking into account injuries and deformities that can occur, young children and infants have more bones than adults do, as some bones fuse during development. A normal human is born with 270 bones, while a normal adult has 206. In some case, bones may also fuse due to disease or body parts may be amputated, reducing the number of bones.

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