Where do the Pokemon GO when you trade them from fire red to heart gold?

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They go to Fuschia City in the Kanto Region where the Pal Park is, where it used to be a Safari Zone.
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How do you trade with Pokemon fire red on emerald?

U must have taken the elite 4. then go to 1 island and talk to celio he will say that he needs a ruby. How to get ruby: Go to MT. ember that's in top of 1 island there it is to rocket guys u should battle them and go inside the cave where u find the ruby. Now go back to celio and give him ruby now h ( Full Answer )

Where do you go to trade with Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Emerald?

You have to get the ruby and the sapphire from the sevii islands. First you need to get the national dex which requires you to beat the Pokemon league and have had at least 60 Pokemon on your pokedex. After you do that talk to Oak and he gives you national dex. (The ruby is under Mt.Ember where th ( Full Answer )

Can Pokemon gold trade with Pokemon on red?

Yes, but its takes some time. First of all, you need to use the machine known as the "Time Capsule" in the Pokemon Centers. Second, any Pokemon from your Gold/Silver/Crystal version must meet the following criteria -Must be one of the original 151 Pokemon (No Cyndaquil, Pichu, Lugia, etc.) -Cannot ( Full Answer )

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon fire red to Pokemon Pearl?

Put Pokemon Pearl and Firered into the DS. Make sure that you have the National pokedex in Pokemon Pearl. You can get it by seeing all of the Sinnoh Pokemon(excluding Manaphy), Then by seeing Rowan. Professor Oak with upgrade your pokedex. Load Pokemon Pearl. At the Front Screen, instead of select ( Full Answer )

Can you trade Pokemon from red to gold?

Yes, you can, but you need to enter Ecruteak City's Pokemon Center to activate the feature in any Pokemon Center. You can only trade the first 151 Pokemon. They also can't know any moves they weren't in Red. To fix that, either teach it an HM (all will do except Whirlpool) and replace that move, or ( Full Answer )

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Crystal to Pokemon fire red?

Well Pokemon Crystal Version (Trust me the version at the end is part of its name.) is a Generation II game and Pokemon FireRed Is a Generation III so no you cant trade in between those two games.But you can trade Pokemon FireRed with LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.And you can trade Pokemon C ( Full Answer )

How do you trade Pokemon from Colosseum onto Pokemon Fire Red?

I have 2 answers. One of my hunches is to use the link cable from the gamecube to the SP and trade like that. However considering that FR came after Colosseum then i think you have to trade from ruby or sapphire and then trade b/w FR and one of those two. Good Luck!

Can Pokemon Red and gold trade?

yep just can't trade new Pokemon or Pokemon that know new moves such as shadow ball or dynamicpunch.

Fire red trade Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes you can trade between firered and leafgreen some Pokemon are only obtainable through leafgreen so to get them you need to trade if you have a GBA link cable or two wireless adapters go upstairs at any Pokemon center attach the cable or adapter to your GBA and another GBA (GBA SP works too) then ( Full Answer )

Why can't i trade Pokemon from fire red to Pokemon Colosseum?

There are five possible reasons: 1. You do not have a GBA/GCN link cable. 2. Your GBA/GCN link cable is broken or not working. 3. You have not beaten Colosseum. 4. You have not beaten the Elite Four on FireRed. 5. You have GameSharked FireRed. Colosseum has a security system. When a ga ( Full Answer )

How do you trade from Pokemon gold to Pokemon Red?

The only way to trade between Pokemon G/S/C and Pokemon R/B/Y is through the time capsule. You'll notice early on in the game that upstairs in every Pokemon Center is a machine on the far end with a woman who says it's not ready yet. After a while, you will run into Bill at a Pokemon Center (Don't ( Full Answer )

Can you go to Hoenn in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Sorry, but you can't. you can only go to Johto (that's where you live) and Kanto after you beat the elite 4. Honestly, it would be cool to be able to go to Hoenn, but I don't know why they didn't make it that way. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE 0.o

How do you trade Pokemon from fire red to Pokemon sapphire?

If you're having trouble trading it may be for a few reasons You need to use a GBA or GBAsp and link cable/ wireless adapter. The games are programed to work only with those things. A Nintendo DS doesn't send the game the code it needs to recognize that it has wireless capabilities. another reason ( Full Answer )

How do you trade Pokemon from pearl to heart gold?

Go to any Pokemon center . Go upstairs . Talk to the nurse in the middle . This sends you to the communion room where you can trade via DS wireless connections. (Note, you need 2 DSs)

In Pokemon Heart Gold how do you get a fire stone?

I know you can get them in the Pokethlon dome, at the prize exchange. Check back there every day and every now and then they have them, as well as pretty much every other stone you can possibly get.

How do you beat red in Pokemon Heart Gold?

To be able to challenge red u must beat all sixteen gym badges. once u have done this make go to mt silver, climb to the top and fight him. (make sure ur guys r in the high eighties early ninties

Who is red in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Red = Ash and if your going to battle him all of his people are above level 80 his respecting Pokemon are 1. Pikachu lv88 2. Blastoise lvl 84 3. Charizard lvl 84 4. Venusaur lvl 84 5. Snorlax lvl 82 don't forget 6. Lapras lvl 80

How do you defeat red on Pokemon Heart Gold?

I'm sorry but I forgot how to get to him. When you get to him press a and he won't say anything. Here is the list of Pokemon and what you should use to defeat him Pikachu: Typhlosion level 71 or starter Pokemon level 70+ Blastoise: Raichu level 100 or any level 100 Snorlax: Here he will use ( Full Answer )

Can you rematch Red in Pokemon heart gold?

In order to rematch Red in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you need to beat the Elite Four again. Every time you want to rematch Red, you need to defeat the Elite Four.

Where do you trade shards for stones in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You don't trade the shards for stones, you trade them for berries. You trade them with the man standing outside the Pokemon Centre in Violet City, and you'll get 3 berries from a specific set depending on the colour of your shard

What Pokemon do you need to trade to evolve heart gold?

Here is a list of a few: . Scyther (metal coat) into Scizor . Graveler into Golem . Seadra (dragon scale) into Kingdra . Onix (metal coat) into Steelix . Haunter into Gengar . Kadabra into Alakazam . Pineco (metal coat) into Forretress

Where does Pokemon trainer red go after you beat him in Pokemon heart gold?

He doesn't actually go anywhere...he just dissappears... If you want to rebattle him then re-defeat the elite for (ths can be done at anytime) and climb Mt Silver and he'll be there again. His Pokemon stay the same but still they are handy for levelling up yours. Congratulations for beating him, ( Full Answer )

What do you have to do to trade between Pokemon emerald and Pokemon fire red?

You must get the national dex and deliver the ruby and sapphire to celio (firered), in emerald you need to just beat the game. But the most important thing is this: You can't trade between firered and emerald unless you have wireless adapters if you want to trade but don't have wireless adapters go ( Full Answer )

Where should you go to trade Pokemon from fire red to Pokemon sapphire?

For firered:You can trade Pokemon on the second floor of the Pokemon center just use the escalator to go up then speak to the lady behind the far right counter she will save your game then choose trade center. For sapphire: Just like in firered go up to the second floor of the Pokemon center but tal ( Full Answer )

How do I trade my starter from Pokemon White to Pokemon Heart Gold?

Not possible,unless you have two DS's. Fyre Extreme- I am using my friend's Dsi and i have a Dsi. I went on the device on the bottom of the screen that you get in White early on in the game and went in the Union Room in HG. But it shows no connection in both games... :/

How do you trade Pokemon between Pokemon Heart Gold and Platinum?

you just have to go to the healing center go up Middle person talk and you go to a trading place but you have to save but you have to be 50 feet close maximum but right is battle and left is info you can not trade black and white with other games