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The Gurudwara is a place of worship for Sikhs.

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Where Sikhs worship?

Sikhs worship in a gurdwara. For more info web search it!

Who do siks worship?

Sikhs worship God

Sikhs place of worship?

there place of worship is a gurdwara

Were do Sikhs worship?

at a gurdwara

Sikhs worship in a?


Where do Sikh worship?

The Place of worhip for Sikhs is called the Gurdwara although Sikhs can worship any where in the form of sewa

What is a place of worship for Sikhs?

There is no necessary place for worship as Sikhs believe that god in within one and within all. However, an example for a "worship centre" for Sikhs could be the gurdawara. The gurdawara is the Sikh temple.

Where is the place of worship for Sikhism?

Gurdwara is the place of worship for Sikhs.

Why don't Sikhs worship the guru granth sahib?

Sikhs believe that they dont have to worship guru granth sahib and that they only have to worship guru nanak as he is the 'leader' to them

Place of worship for sikhs?


Where do Sikhs go to worship?

a gurdwara

Day of worship for the Sikhs?


Where is the holiest place for Sikhs to worship?

sikhs can worship god anywhere by meditating upon his name but holiest place is harmandir sahib.

When do Sikhs worship?

they worship every Sunday at a guru granth sahib

Where do sihks worship?

Sikhs worship in a temple called Gurdwara & in my crap

How does the gurdwara help Sikhs to worship the community?

The Gurdwara is like a temple or church to Sikhs

What else do Sikhs do when worshipping?

When Sikhs worship, the head should be covered, after the worship is over, there is langar(community Kitchen) at Gurudwara(sikh place of worship), there is singing of hymns from holy scriptures.

Place of worship of Sikhs?

Gurudwara Sahib

What is place called where Sikhs worship?

A Gurdwara.

Where do siks worships?

Sikhs Worship in a Gurdwara

Where do seaks go to worship?

Sikhs usually worship in a Gurdwara (House of the Guru).

What do Sikhs worship?

We worship one God. Along that, we respect our dus Gurus.

Where do siks worship?

Sikhs worship place is a : Gurdwara Hope This Helped x

Where do Sikhs worship?

The Sikhs worship at a place called: A gurdwara. There is normally an orange flag outside the Gurdwara with a khandaon it. Gurdwara means Guru's House.

Where do Sikhs pray and worship?

Sikhs believe that God is everywhere and in everyone, so there is no certain place that they are required to pray and worship their Gods. However, the Sikh temple is called a Gurdawara;Sikhs mostly choose to pray there.