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Q: Where do the fairy godmothers take aurora in Sleeping Beauty?
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Which princess has 3 fairy godmothers?

sleeping Beauty

Snow Whites three fairy godmothers names?

that was sleeping beauty

What is the fairy godmothers song in Sleeping Beauty?

marry you-bruno mars

Which Disney princess has three names?

Sleeping Beauty. Her birth name is Aurora. When she is sent into hiding, her fairy godmothers call her Briar Rose. When she is poisoned by the spinning wheel, she becomes Sleeping Beauty.

What are names of the three fairy godmothers in Sleeping Beauty?

Flora, Fauna and Merryweather

Sleeping Beauty is also known by other what two names?

Briar Rose is the name the three fairy godmothers call her. The name given at birth is Aurora.

What are the names of the three fairy godmothers in Snow White?

There were no fairy godmothers in Snow White. The three fairy godmothers appeared in Sleeping Beauty and they were Flora (dressed in red/pink), Fauna (in green), and Merryweather (in blue).

What was the the name of the evil person in Sleeping Beauty?

Maleficent was the evil fairy that cursed Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

What is the finger fairy in the ballet Sleeping Beauty?

The finger fairy gives Aurora the gift of passion

Who is the Lilac Fairy in Sleeping Beauty?

The Lilac Fairy in the Sleeping Beauty Ballet is the equivalent of Merryweather in the Disney version. She is the most important fairy in Sleeping Beauty. In the ballet, she is the last fairy to bestow a gift upon Aurora, just after the evil fairy Carabosse/Maleficent curses her, and turns Aurora's death into 100 years of sleep.

Is princess aurora also Sleeping Beauty?

Princess Aurora is the name of sleeping beauty in the story. I do not think that this Princess Aurora really exsists because the story of sleeping beauty is only a fairy tale story. Some may named after her but the sleeping beauty, Princess Aurora never truly lived on this earth.

Did Cinderella have three fairies god mothers?

No, just one You might be thinking of Sleeping Beauty. She had three little fairy godmothers.

Who is the dark fairy from Sleeping Beauty?

Maleficent. She was angry that she was not invited to the party when Aurora was born.

What fairy was not good in Sleeping Beauty?

maleficent was a bad fairy in the Disney movie sleeping beauty

Who are the 3 fairy godmothers in Cinderella?

There is only ONE fairy godmother in Cinderella; I think you're referring to Sleeping Beauty. Flora - the pink one Fauna - the green one Merryweather - the blue one

What actors and actresses appeared in The Sleeping Beauty - 1989?

The cast of The Sleeping Beauty - 1989 includes: Vadim Guliayev as Carabosse Larisa Lezhnina as Princess Aurora Yulia Makhalina as Lilac Fairy

What are some princesses names from fairy tales?

Little Mermaid Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) Snow White Jasmine from Aladdin Mulan Pocahontas Cinderella Beauty and the Beast

Who are the characters in Sleeping Beauty?

In the Disney version of the story there are: Princess Aurora - the princess Maleficent - the evil witch Flora - the red fairy Fauna - the green fairy Merryweather - the blue fairy Phillip - the prince King Stefan - Aurora's father Queen Leah

What was the name of the last fairy in Sleeping Beauty?

merryweater [the blue fairy]

What are the gifts the fairy godmothers gave Sleeping Beauty?

In the ballet version, the fairies present their gifts of beauty, grace, generosity, song, and temperament, they are interrupted by the arrival of the witch. Luckily the blue fairy has yet to give her present. She declares that although Aurora will prick her finger she will not die. Instead she will fall into a deep sleep from which she will be awoken by the kiss of a prince. In the version by Disney, she is given beauty and song, the third gift was altered to change Malificent's curse.

What are the names of the fairys of Sleeping Beauty?

The purple fairy, is called the Lilac Fairy. The yellow fairy is the canary fairy and the green fairy is called the emerald fairy. This is in the Sleeping Beauty ballet. I think there is one more fairy but do not recall the name.

Why was Sleeping Beauty's name is so called Sleeping Beauty in fairy tale?

Because she is asleep and she is beautiful.

What was the best fairy tale story?

Sleeping Beauty

What is the name of the green fairy in Sleeping Beauty?


What fairy tale story was Maleficent in?

sleeping beauty