Where do the migrated Pokemon GO in HeartGold?

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to palpark in fusha city where the pioson gym leader is.
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When is pokemon heartgold and soulsilver going to come out?

Well, like the last question about it, quit worrying. But in Japan it comes out this fall. But in the USA, it come out in mid-Spring. Anymore questions just go to bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net that website has all answers about pokemon. In the USA it Comes out on March 14, 2010 and If you reserve ( Full Answer )

Can you go to Hoenn in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot. Hoenn is only available in the generation 3 games Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Pokemon Heart Gold contains Johto (second gen location) and Kanto (first gen location).

How many regions can you go in Pokemon HeartGold?

two, johto and kanto. you can go to kanto after you defeat the elite four in johto. Yeah. Wish I could catch Ho-Oh. un less you count singho ruins that is kind of part of the siniho region so you can go to three bacicly.

Can you migrate in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

Yes. Once you have beaten Johto and Kanto. Fight the champion and then go to Mt.Silver. At the top is a trainer named red. When you defeat him, go to Fuschia in Kanto, the safari zone is now pal park! The same way you do in Diamond/Pearl and Platinum. In HeartGold and SoulSilver there is no limit to ( Full Answer )

Where do you go after celadon city in Pokemon heartgold version?

go to the right of saffron city theres a city there go to the big building and talk to the president of that building and he will give you something then go to vermillion and open your pokegear touch the icon where you can see a globe and touch the top of the globe.. and snorlax will wake up then go ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate Pokemon on heartgold?

on your way to goldenrod,there will be a place with a man on the left side.he is the day care man.go in the building.if you want to have an egg, you must get 2 Pokemon like gyarados male and gyarados female,then talk to the day care man.when your Pokemon lay an egg,he should call.that usually means ( Full Answer )

Where do you go when you have 14 badges in Pokemon heartgold?

Go to pallet town, and go south to cinnabar island. you will find that the only thing there is a Pokemon centre and a guy. Go east and you will find an island with a cave. Inside this cave is a gym (go up the ladder inside). After beating this gym, fly back to cinnabar and talk to the guy. He will s ( Full Answer )

How do you go to blackthorn city in Pokemon heartgold?

After arriving at Mahogany, deal with Team Rocket at the Lake of Rage, Lance will then come and you'll have to fight more Team Rocket Grunts and what-not. After you can challenge the Mahogany Gym Leader; Pryce, if you succeed in winning you'll be able to pass through the right where the man was sell ( Full Answer )

How can you go to Kanto in Pokemon HeartGold?

First you must defeat the Elite Four and the Champion, Lance. Then, go to New Bark Town, and talk to Professor Elm. He'll give you a pass that will allow you to board the S.S. [Anne]. Aboard the ship, you will have to find the energetic girl before the ship will land in Vermillion City, in the Kanto ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Kanto in Pokemon HeartGold?

After you have beaten the Elite 4 of Johto and Champion Lance,the credits will start. When the credit ends you will be sent back to your house you will have to go to Professor Elm.He will then give you the S.S. Ticket and tell you to go to Olivine City's harbor.You will then be transported to Vermil ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate in Pokemon HeartGold?

well you have to put your Pokemon gamepak at the bottom of your ds then put on heart gold then go in find migrate to game click 6 Pokemon in your PC boxes after that go to fuchsia city go to pal park catch the Pokemon you migrated and there you have it you migrated to you heartgold and this also wor ( Full Answer )

Where to go to get silver wing in Pokemon HeartGold?

HOW TO GET THE SILVER WING IN SOULSILVER- you have to defeat Team Rocket at the Goldenrod Underground/Radio Tower (if you have trouble with that look up serebii . net ) HOW TO GET THE RAINBOW WING IN HEARTGOLD- you have to defeat Team Rocket at the Goldenrod Underground/Radio Tower (if you h ( Full Answer )

How do you migrate Pokemon to HeartGold?

Insert your GB game into your DS. Turn on your game. Go to the menu. Click migrate from... You can migrate 6 Pokemon every 24hours(so if you migrate at 3:14 today you would have to wait until 3:14 tomorrow) Pokemon with HM moves can't migrate.

How do you migrate Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold?

Here are the steps: . Make sure you have the National Dex and go to Fuchsia City. . Enter the Pal Park and save, then turn it off. . Insert Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen game pack into the DS. (Does not work with 3DS or DSi.) . Turn the game back on and it'll show an e ( Full Answer )

How do you go to Mahogany Town in Pokemon HeartGold?

The only way to originally access Mahogany Town is to travel east of Ecruteak City to Route 42. Cross the two spots of water, and will reach Mahogany Town. use your map and WALK Mahongany town east of Ecruteak city, and west of blackthorn city. You can get there by walking.

What city do you go to after you defeat Falkner in Pokemon HeartGold?

The Zephyr Badge makes all traded Pokemon up to level 20 obey you. It also lets you use the move Rock Smash to crack small boulders blocking your path. After you get the TM51 that contains Roost, he will tell you to go to Azalea Town. To get there, make sure you go to the Pokemon Mart and talk to Pr ( Full Answer )

Where to go on Emerald to migrate Pokemon?

If you're migrating from Emerald to Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver, then nowhere. You want to go to the title screen on the DS game and go down until you see "Migrate from Emerald". When you see that, select it and pick the six Pokemon to migrate.

In Pokemon HeartGold can you go to Hoenn?

Sadly, no, you cannot go to Hoenn (THE BEST REGION EVA!) in Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver. If you want all the cool Hoenn Pokemon, I would recommend purchasing an Emerald, Sapphire or Ruby. These games can be played either in a GBA (game boy advanced) or the second compartement in a DS lite.

Where do you go to get raqazza Pokemon HeartGold?

first, you have to get both Groudon and Kyogre in your party. then, go professor oak and he will give you an orb. go to the embedded tower in the ruins off of Cianwood. Raquaza should be there. ps. Raquaza won't be there if you traded Kyogre or Groudon from Ruby or Sapphire. they have to be from Sou ( Full Answer )

Where do you go to find suicoon in Pokemon heartgold?

You first run into Suicune in the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City. You have to have seen Suicune here in order for Morty to go to the Gym, so this one is really guaranteed. . The second time you can find Suicune is just north of Cianwood City. You'll find Suicune on the northern part of the city. As ( Full Answer )

Where do you go to migrate in FireRed to HeartGold?

Put Firered in the GBA slot of your DS make sure its saved in a Pokemon center with the Pokemon you want to migrate inside the PC. Then when Firered is ready turn on HeartGold and choose Migrate follow the instructions then select the Pokemon you would like to have from Firered. Once your all done f ( Full Answer )

Where do Pokemon GO when they migrate from Sapphire to SoulSilver?

Answer: When Pokémon are migrated (also known as Pal Park'd) from any Gen 3 game to a Gen 4 game, they are stocked at the Pal Park. In SoulSilver, the Pal Park is located in Fuchsia City in the Kanto Region. The two generations of Pokémon games migrating Pokémon to and from one anothe ( Full Answer )

How Do You Go To Kanto region in Pokemon Heartgold?

complete the game by defeating the elite 4 and the champion then fly to olivine city and go near the ship port and professor oak will be there. he gives you a ticket to go to kanto then go in the port and talk to the man at the counter then solve the problem on the ship and either have a sleep on yo ( Full Answer )

I know what games you can migrate Pokemon from but i don't know where you go to get the Pokemon Where do you go to migrate Pokemon to Pokemon black or white?

first of all you poketransfer ot migrate you need two ds s and you need a black or white and the a choice of Pokemon diamond pearl platinum hs or ss after you beat the elite four go right from nibasa city i think the one w/ the 4 th gym leader keep going eventuallly you will see a trailer go past it ( Full Answer )