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what's an autometer?

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Q: Where do the wires go in the autometer?
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How to install Autometer tach on snowmobile?

how to install automotive tachometer on a snowmobile

What order does the spark plug wires go on a 92 gsxr 750?

The left coil wires go to 1 and 4 the the right coil wires go to 2 and 3.

Does current go faster with thick or thin wires?

Thin wires

Where do the spark plug wires go on a ford 302?

You need to know the firing order to know where your wires go.

How do the starter wires go on a 95 sunfire 2.2 engine?

How do the starter wires go on a 95 sunfire2.2 engine

How many wires go to srarter on 1991 Chevy 5.7?

TWO wires

You need to know where both wires go on your coil pack on a 92 camaro 3-1 someone unhooked the wires on top the coil and you can not figure out where they go Not the coil wire itself the wires going t?

the wires can only hook up to one place there are two wires but they both go on top of coil but they have different plugs so therefore can only go to one place

Show you where plug wires go on distributor cap for 1994 Chevy S10 V6?

How does the wires from the spark plug go to the rotor, which order?

How many wires go to the starter relay on a 1993 mercury topaz?

there are 5 wires that go to the starter relay on a 1993 mercury topaz

How to wire a split capacitor motor?

Your two hot wires go to the load side of your contractor and the two brown wires go to your capacitor

How do you install an aftermarket tach on a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?

You need an aftermarket tach adaptor autometer makes a good one

How many wires go to an alternator?

Number of Wires to an AlternatorThat depends on:the alternator,the wiring system in the vehicle

Which wires go to what when you install a stereo? go there, and they have what u need to know.

How do you connect the computers on rocket reef?

with the wires you have obtained. look in the pipe section then go to the wires. easy peezy

Where do the wires go on your 1992 jeep wrangler gas tank?

They go to the wire connector on the fuel tank, there are also two ground wires going from the saddle to the frame.

How do you install an autometer tachometer with a shift light into a 1995 Honda Civic hatchback that has a GSR motor?

The instructions should be with the meter. If not contact the manufacturer

When replacing the wires on a ford 1988 bronco II how does it look when connecting wires where does the first one go or start the wires where not connected when bought?

What color wires need to be connected to install an autometer tachometer for a 2.0 turboed Eclipse?

It really doesnt matter about what car it is. Their all about the same.RED-BatteryBLACK- Ground -GREEN- Possative + side of coil(or tack plug on coil)Cant remember the other color but it goes to the instrument lights in the fuse box.Let me know if I can be of any more help.Ray

Are the wires that go to a VW 72 Super Beetle fuel sender both ground wires?

No, one is a "HOT" wire.

What are the names of the conduit pipes holding the wires that go from a residential house to the city's electrical wires?

It is known as the service stack.

Why isn't one wire enough to make it the work?

Because you need 2 wires to go into the ___ to make it work. You need 2 wires to make the electricity go into the ___ equally.

Show 1990 buickpark avenue colored wires for ignition switch?

I have 5 wires and a 4 wire ngniton witch wires go were on a 1961 cadillac in dash ingnition. Switch

How do you install a autometer gauge in a Mazda 626?

It really depends which sort of GAUGE you have. For example; you couldn't wire a volt meter to the oil pressure switch.

How do the wires hook up to the distributor cap in a 1994 jetta you know the wires go cylinder 4 then 123 But there are no markings for where the wires should plug in?

Usually the length of the oem wires from the distributor can give you a general idea. Hope this helps

Does a 1995 Monte Carlo have a distributor cap?

Yes... Where all the spark plug wires go into the same spot.Yes... Where all the spark plug wires go into the same spot.