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toys r us, target,and Walmart

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How many Littlest Pets are there?

There are 2,435 Littlest Pet shop pets right now. Collect them all!!!

What kind of codes can you write for littlest pet shop?

First you have to get a Littlest Pet Shop that has a code. The codes that the pets have are he only ones that work.

Where you can find a list and picture of the littlest pet shop pets?

You can find that in every box of littlest pets you buy (:

What is a secret code for littlest pet shop pets VIP pets?


How much are the pets in the littlest pet shop?

5 dollars

Were can you get a cheap littlest pet shop digital pets?


What are all littlest pet shop pets come with a sticker for the koala pet?


What is a pet shop?

A pet shop is a shop where the employees sell pets.

What are the passwords for Littlest Pet Shop Winter?

the password for littlest pets is: lpstru it gets u a giraffe as a pet ist for free

What Littlest Pet Shop pets are discontinued?

There are many pets that have been discontinued and are no longer sold in stores. The vintage ones (Littlest Pet Shop pets from the 1990's) and modern LPS (the type you can buy right now) up to the "Messiest Pets" pigeon or "Littlest Pets" panda are all examples of pets that were discontinued.

What do you do if you lost your littlest pet shop pets secret code?

i don't kown

How much would 40 littlest pet shop sell for?


What is the first littlest pet shop pet?

The first Littlest pet shop ever is the Chihauhaua! :)

Vip littlest pet shop?

littlest petshop vips have a code once you have purhased them you can open it and find your pets code

What is the target audience for littlest pet shop?

The target audience for Littlest Pet Shop are young children. These children play with these Littlest Pet Shop toys.

How do you get to littlest pet shop?

You have to get a littlest pet shop toy and get a password off of that toy

Are there any websites where you can run your own pet shop and take care pets yourself besides littlest pet shop and adopt me?

How do you get train tickets for the Littlest pet shop pets?

It comes with them at the store. If you want to have the pet the train ticket comes with them! :)

Can you sell your pets to the pets shop?

It depends on which pet shop some you can donate only.

When did littlest pet shop come out?

Littlest Pet Shop came out in the early 1990's

Which is the best littlest pet shop game?

the littlest pet shop wii game of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is LPS Called Littlest Pet Shop?

because it is short for Littlest Pet Shop, i think

What is the second littlest pet shop?

The second littlest pet shop ever-made is a pug. And i have it

What is the code for Panda on littlest pet shop?

the code for my cute panda is higu739vipspanda674 that's it tape it a littlest pets shop vips home and do it now! from:sally song

What are the lyrics to littlest pet shop lyrics?

Littlest Pet Shop SongPerfect for YouYou like to have fun in the SunYou N' LPSYour just like oooone!You wanna dress up or go ooout(Go ooout)For that there's a pet There's no doooubtGet Your Pink Shades(Pink Shades)and move on (Move on!)Get the pets you love and your goal:Who are youWhat you wanna do(what you wanna do)There's a Littlest Pet Shop Perfect for you!Who are youWhat you wanna do(What your wanna dooo)(ooooo) There's a Littlest Pet Shop perfect for you.Feel like stayin in and relaxing (and relaxin')With all your favourite pets,it's a wiiiiinJump around! (jump around!)ROCK OUT!With Littlest Pet Shop,SCREAM AND SHOUT!So get up,and run!Have a ball! (uh huh)Who you wanna be it's your call!(yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah) Who are you,what you wanna doThere's a Littlest Pet Shop perfect for you!Who are you(who are you) What you wanna do(what you wanna do) There's a Littlest Pet SHop perfect for yoooou!Who are youWhat you wanna do(yeaaaaaaaaaah) There's a Littlest Pet Shop perfect for you!Who are you(yeaaaah) What you wanna doThere's a Littlest Pet Shop.....Perfect for you!