Where do they sell puppies?

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They sell puppies at Pet Smart
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How much should i sell your mimetuare pinchers puppies for?

Answer . pure bred miniature pinchers should sell around $600-$800 per puppy including pedigree papers and of course sales receipt for the puppy. good breeder will bring you in to interview for a pup from their litter and let the puppy choose you.

How expensive are the top Brittany female puppies selling for?

Typically for a show quality pup, it costs $900-1000. Do your research first and check out different breeders, and their reputations. Britts can be hard to deal with, but they are wonderful. Be prepared to be put on a waiting list, sometimes for up to over a year.

How much should you sell a miniature schnauzer puppy for?

It all depends on what the Schnauzer went through during early life and the size/weight/color of it. Many people sell the smaller and party colored schnauzer for more than regular sized and black and silver or salt and pepper schnauzer. Also, if it got and medicine at a young age it will cost more. ( Full Answer )

How much can you sell a pitbull puppy for?

I have seen prices depending on pedigree and other traits from $100 - 50,000. This high price is a rare case. You can easily fiind good ones from 100 - 300 dollars.

Why wait to sell puppies?

The puppies need their mother's milk. No one wants to feed a liitle puppy with a tiny baby bottle several times a day. People want puppies that can eat puppy food. They want puppies that can walk.

How early can you sell puppies?

Small breeds 8 weeks medium and large sometimes by 6 weeks depending on if they can eat their puppy food dry,not wet.

How much can you sell a mixed-breed puppy for?

Nothing. Mixed breed dogs aren't worth anything on the open market. That doesn't mean they can't make lovely pets, but there are so very many mixed breed dogs available for free that there just is no market for them. The only reason shelters and rescues charge for them is to cover the costs of their ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a store selling hush puppies?

If you are looking for prepared ones, I believe long john silvers still sells them. If you are looking in a grocery store, I don't know of any because they are difficult to reheat in a microwave and taste any good. However they are really easy to make, although after you know what is in them you may ( Full Answer )

How much should you sell a mutt-puppy for?

I'd start with the cost of shots that have already been provided, and any other out-of-pocket costs associated with the care of the puppy.

How old does a puppy have to be before selling?

Puppies can be weaned and leave their mother between 6 and 8 weeks, 6 at the very earliest but closer to 8 is better because puupies are still devloping social behaviors, dogs taken from their mother too soon can be overly aggresive, nippy, and have a variety of other problems because they werent ab ( Full Answer )

What sites sell good healthy cheap dogs and puppies?

If you really want a good and healthy dog/puppy your best bet would be getting one from a breeder. If you would rather save a dog in need the local animal shelter has plenty of loving dogs that need a home. I would not recomend a pet store toy dog because these puppies do not get the best care and m ( Full Answer )

What happens if a dog breeder doesn't sell all the puppies?

If a dog breeder cannot sell all of the puppies from a litter they may 1 . keep the dog themselves, 2 . continue to advertise the dog for sale until someone wants to buy it (usually for a reduced price), or 3 . donate the dog to an animal shelter.

Does petsmart sell puppies?

Some pet smart will have adoption events every weekend in which you can purchase a puppy or kitten

Where is a good place to sell puppies?

You almost always would want to seel your puppies at any ASPCA or humane society. That way, they can all be checked thoroughly as well as getting them fixed and vaccinated. That, or to close family friends or relatives so you know the puppies are in good, loving, safe homes.

How much do lab puppies sell for?

If you adopt one from a shelter, (which is a great idea), you usually only end up paying for an adoption fee and for shots. This is usually a total of about 75 to 100 dollars. If you buy one from a breeder, they can be anywhere between a few hundred to a thousand dollars. It just depends.

Can dogs sell puppies?

Dogs are not known to engage in commerce. The lack of fingers makes it difficult for them to sign checks or to count paper bills.

Is getting a puppy bad when youre selling your house?

I would say so. I'm living in a new house with a new puppy and his only concern is chewing, scratching, licking and shedding. You can control your dog but, its unlikely that either of you would be happy with the situation. Plus dogs can be smelly.

When is a good age to sell your pit bull puppies?

4 months is a good age. After you give the first combination shot, you will sell a good puppy. I never sold one before giving the shot first and no puppy of mine died of bad health.

Does petco sell puppies?

The Petcos I am aware of does not sell puppies. They sell all the supplies you will need though. You can check with your local Petco to see if they have any adoption drives.

What pet stores sell puppies?

Nearly all. Lots of people want them. It is better to get them from a shelter though, since pet store puppies will always find a home, while the shelter may euthanize their animals when they get sick or are there too long without anyone adopting them.

Does Jones Bootmaker sell Hush Puppies shoes?

Yes, Jones Bootmaker does sell Hush Puppies shoes. They are sold in both the physical store and in the online store. These shoes are sold in Women's, Men's, and Children's sizes.

How much can you sell Aussie Husky mix puppies for?

That would depend on the lineage and quality of the parents (arethey purebred AKC registered, show dog, hips eyes and otherdiseases checked, etc). If they are "accident" puppies or puppieswith no real background, they will be cheaper. But I think youcould sell Aussie Huskies for quite a bit because ( Full Answer )

What is the importance of selling animals in a puppy mill?

The only importance is to get them out of the hell-hole of a puppy mill so they cannot also be used for breeding. Unfortunately, that does not solve the problem of puppy-mills and the need to abolish them. Only legislation will make this solution a reality!

How do you sell your puppies in Nintendogs?

You can't get money for them, but to donate them you go the the Dog Hotel. There it will say Pick Up, Swap or Donate A Dog. Tap on donate then choose the dog. It will then take a moment to load and then it's gone!

Is it illegal to sell a sick puppy?

Dunno. Is it? O: It's a PUPPY. Just nurture it back to its health and sell it for more if you really don't want to keep it.

What stores sell beagle puppies?

Most pet stores will sell puppies, but if you were to look for beagle puppies only some will carry them. The best way to find them is to ask the pet store owners or browsing in pet stores.

What stores sell Hush Puppies for men?

Hush Puppies for men can be found at JCPenney, Dillard's, Macy's, Bon Ton Stores, Belk, Karmaloop, Nordstrom, Man Alive, and Boscov's. You can also purchase them online at the Hush Puppies official website.