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Some from Toronto auction at Milton, some from private customers such as trade in, some from other dealers.

Used car dealers usually get their vehicles from leasing companies, vehicle auctions, and trade-ins.

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What are tire laws for used cars from dealers?

There are no "tire laws" for used car dealers.

Can you lease a used car?

do dealers lease used cars

Where can one purchase used Holden Torana cars?

Used Holden Torana cars can be purchased from used car dealers. Some dealers who sell these cars are Drive and Carpoint. These dealers are located in Australia.

Do car dealerships have new cars?

Yes the car dealerships can have the new cars also only the thing is that you have to demand for the new one from your side. There are two types of dealerships. There are new car dealers and used car dealers. New car dealers are almost always a dealer for a certain brand (it may be a Chevrolet dealership, for instance) and will have both new and used cars. Used car dealers are normally (but not always) a small independent dealer, and will only have used cars.

Do car dealers charge sales tax on used cars?

yes they do it.

Where are you supposed to buy cars?

You can buy cars at new car dealers, used car dealers, or from a private seller. Just make sure you buy from a trusted dealer be it new or used. Especially if it is used. Ask friends and neighbors about the used car dealers in your area. Contact the Better Business Bureau to find out which dealers are honest. Be very careful buying from a private seller. Above all do 2 things when the car is used. Get a Car Fax report on any car you want to buy, and have it inspected by a trusted mechanic.

Where can you purchase old used cars?

You can try a used car lot or some car dealers have used cars available for purchase. Or you could ask around and see if anyone you know is selling a car.

Where can I find a used auto dealership?

Find used cars and new cars for sale at With millions of cars, finding your next new car or used car and the car reviews and information you're .Bill Dohring, a lobbyist for the Independent Automobile Dealers Assn. of California, whose membership of used car dealers includes Buy Here Pay Here lots.

How do car dealers make money on used cars?

They sell them for more than they pay for them.

Where can one find dealers of used cars in Winnepeg?

There are many used car dealers in Winnipeg. Some dealers sell trucks, some sell cars. Search the classified ads of the local paper, or talk to friends, for a local dealer.

How many cars you can sell per month in used car lot?

As many as you want as long as you have a used car dealers license.

Could you inform me about used car dealers?

Used car dealers sell used cars at discounted prices. Note that when purchasing a used car, you should get it inspected. Those who drive their vehicles aggressively may not care how they take care of their cars. Therefore, when making a purchase, make sure you know what you are buying.

Are used auto dealers worse about haggling than new auto dealers?

Yes, used auto dealers do tend to require more haggling than new car dealers, as the values of the used cars being sold are even more subjective than those of new vehicles. Used car dealers frequently can be talked down quite a bit, as their profit margins on cars are frequently quite large.

Are there any used car dealers in my area?

To check for local car dealers, try looking at Craigslist for possible sellers. If that doesn't help, try looking for car shops (most companies/shops have used cars).

Can a used car dealers license be used in other states?

No, you can only sell cars in the state that issued the license.

Where can you find a Saab product?

Saab cars and other vehicles can be found at Saab dealers, as well as at many general used car lots. There are used car dealers in nearly every city in the US.

How do car dealerships get used cars if the right used car isn't on their lot?

Usually the used cars dealerships sell the cars that are on their lot. But some times they trade used cars with other dealers at same or a different location and bring it for the customer. But again they prefer to sell the used cars on their lot.

Can you trade one car in to dealer for 2 used cars?

Yes, definitely. Car dealers pref that kind of deal.

Where can a list of dealers selling used Chrysler cars in the UK be obtained?

Edmunds is a large car information website. They have everything you would need in your search of finding a list of dealers selling used Chrysler cars in the UK.

What is the plural of car?

The plural form of the noun car is cars.example: We went to look at cars at the dealers.

Where can you buy used hybrid cars in London?

You can buy used hybrid cars in London at many car dealers. Most do not have them on display you may have to ask about them to see them but they do have them.

Where can I find a used car in Tuscaloosa?

Used cars can be bought at several used car dealers in Tuscaloosa. Townsend's is one establishment that sells a variety of different cars including Honda, Ford, Nissan and BMW.

What is the purpose of a wholesale car?

One might find that there really isn't a 'purpose' of a wholesale car, but instead one will find that a wholesale car is used as a quick transaction between wholesale car dealers. A wholesale car dealer cannot sell cars to the public, but can sell cars to other dealers.

What used cars trucks dealers are in my area?

If you are looking for used car truck dealers in your area, start in the phone book. Locate them and then visit many of them to find your next vehicle.

Which car dealers still offer 2005 Dodge Ram Cars?

Dodge dealers still offer the 2005 Dodge Ram cars. Most Ford dealers also offer the 2005 Dodge Ram cars. Most dealers stopped selling the car in last couple of years.

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