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they live in damp dark places.

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Q: Where do woodlouses live?
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Who are the woodlouses preditors?


Do woodlouses have bones?

No. They're insects, and insects have exo(=outside) skeletons.

What is a woodlouses habitat?

a dark and damp habitat. e.t.c a rotting fallen tree.

Is a louse a kind of vertebrate?

woodlouses have an exoesquelet or in other words their bones are ''out side"

How many segments does a woodlouse have?

A woodlouse has six segments. Woodlouses can also be called slaters.

How many babies do woodlouses have?

Two hundred (200) can be the number of babies produced with each female woodlouse's yearly brood. The number of eggs -- the recorded maximum being 267+ -- will be more with larger-sized females.

How does the pH of soil effect woodlouse slater?

Woodlouse prefer more basic pH because they excrete ammonia which is alkali. They are attracted to places with more ammonia because those places indicate to them there are a lot of other woodlouse excrement there. Hence those places would have more woodlouses, and they can all clump together to retain moisture

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