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you add it into the transmission.On one of the sides of the transmission/usualy the passenger side/ there will be a plug on the middle of the transmission, most likely will be an octagon inner tool. When you remove it the oil should start slowly leaking out,if not you need to add some. Pump it in till it starts to leak through the hole.

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โˆ™ 2007-01-08 16:18:30
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Q: Where do you add manual transmission fluid to a 92 infinity G20?
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Where is the automatic transmission fluid cap for a 95 Infinity G20?

In G20 engines-SR20DE- The transmission dipstick, located just in front and under the distributor cap, is where you pour in more transmission fluid. You have to use a long and skinny funnel with a small enough end to fit in the transmission dipstick.

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Where can you get a repair manual for an Infinity g20 1996?

You may find something on ebay. I bought a .pdf on CD of the Factory Service Manual for it on eBay. If you can't find one saying "Infiniti G20", try using "Nissan Primera" and "P10" (for the chassis series HP10).

How to replace struts on a 1999 infinity g20?

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Where is the transmission fluid added in a 1992 Chevrolet G20 van?

Fill the transmission fluid through the transmission dipstick tube, which is under the hood next to the air intake. Remove the dipstick and use a funnel with a small opening and be careful not to overfill the transmission.

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I believe '91-'94 are compatible.

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