Best Answer has them for your IJ70-17a or 18a .

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Q: Where do you buy an adjustable rear sight assembly for the export 380 Mak from Baikal?
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What is the most common firearm sight on handguns?

Non adjustable blade sight.

Where can you find a TruGlo front sight that would fit a Baikal IZH-27EM 1C?

You can find the TruGlo sight at Bass Pro Shops. Bought it last year for my Baikal izh 27em-1c. Good Luck.

How do you adjust the sight of Taurus millennium?

IF IN FACTORY CONFIGURATION, The front sight is fixed and not adjustable. The rear sight is drift adjustable for windage changes - you need to loosen the set screw that holds the rear sight in place. From what I've found, it may take some doing to get that set screw loosened.

Which major group houses the sight assembly firing pin and safety mechanisms in the m9 pistol?

slide assembly...pretty sure

What natural features are in Moscow Russia?

Lake Baikal is the cleanest and deepest lake in the world and definitely is a sight to see with it's beauty and it being a historical landmark.

How do you adjust front sight on victory World War 2 model s and w with 4barrel 38?

Not designed to be adjustable.

What do you call an red dot tube with adjustible magnification?

The red dot tube is a type of sight or scope with adjustable magnification.

Which component of a firearm can you adjust without the help of a gunsmith?

For MANY firearms (but not all) the sights may be adjustable by the user. However, in the case of a shotgun with bead sights, or a revolver with fixed sights, they are not adjustable. Some semi=auto pistols have sights that can be adjusted by a gunsmith. Most rifles will have a user-adjustable sight.

Where can you buy a rear peep sight assembly for a Remington 510-p?

Midway USA

Is a side mounted adjustable rear sight stock or aftermarket on a turn of the century model 94?

Possible it was a special order, but, most likely aftermarket.

How do you adjust your fixed sight revolver?

If the sights are fixed, they can't be adjusted. You would either need to replace them with adjustable sights, or else use the "Kentucky windage" method of compensation.

What sight was used on Remington 510p targetmaster?

the 510p came with an adjustable peep sight. my mother had one when she was a kid in the late 1930's. The fit and finish is incredible for what was probably a 15 dollar hardware store .22. I have a weaver scope on it now and it still shoots great!............

Where do i find a laser sight for a baikal 380?

You can get a laser that clips on to the trigger guard. They are about $100 dollars for a small one. They have a button that you push, that is on the unit, on these modles, but they make some with the button that sticks onto the grip

What are the different sights on a pistol?

Fixed sights, adjustable sights, target sight, night sights, 3 dot sights, telescopic sights, red dot sighs, lasers, etc.

What is the age and value of a Smith and Wesson model 60-1 with adjustable sights serial number ALU4017?

That was part of a special run of adjustable sight Model 60 revolvers made in 1986 (adj sights were not cataloged on this model until the Model 60-10 in 1996). Value in excellent condition would be around $400.

What is the benefit of an adjustable trigger?

It is adjustable. Some shooters prefer a lighter pull. A lighter pull reduces the wiggle and shake the shooter experiences when sighting in a target. A heavier pull can move the sight group slightly that at closer ranges is not as great an issue as at longer ranges. On the flip side, some shooters prefer a heavier pull so as to minimize the possibility of an accidental discharge. An adjustable pull give the shooter the flexibility to choose.

What is the value of a blued 22 LR Colt Woodsman automatic serial 031457s with a rear sight that is adjustable for windage elevation in mint condition?

made 1972. value would have to be given by a firearms appraiser

How do you replace the headlight assembly located on a 2001 Lincoln Continental?

for the removal, pull of the upper radiator sight shield, make sure that the headlamp switch and the ignition switch are turned off, raise the headlamp assembly retainers by pushing rearward and then pulling up to save time. disconnect the headlamp assembly wiring harness and remove the headlamp assembly, install just do the reverse.

Where can you find a rear sight assembly for a model 66-1 357 mag Smith and Wesson?

S&W,, Brownell's

How do you sight in a 9mm pistol?

The same way you sight in any other firearm. You set up a bench rest, line up the sights with a paper target, fire three rounds, then adjust the sights as needed (assuming, of course, that it has adjustable sights - many pistols don't). Then you repeat as necessary until you achieve zero.

What is the model number of a SW 38 special CTG with adjustable rear sight sn K604095?

Hello,It is hard to know which model you have. You may wish to look on to determine what you have. Another fine site is

Is there a way to adjust the rear sight on a Daisy Model 1938 Red Ryder BB gun?

No, these BB rifles have very few adjustments, if any. They are mass-produced with little craftsmanship. Red Ryder 1939 models have had variations in sight and other components. Example: the RR 1938 Commemorative has a simple adjustable rear sight similar to the sight on a real Winchester. RR1938 model beginning at Plymouth MI and continuing at Rogers, AR are a durable BB Rifle. Craftsmanship is functional and pleasing to its market.

What Does at Sight Mean?

At Sight Means, "As soon as seen, or presented to sight, esp. payable at sight, to shoot a person at sight.".

How do you spell sight as in stay out of sight?

Sight is correct.

Estimate value of Marlin model 336C 35 Cal with serial 92038043 with adjustable semi-buckhorn folding rear ramp front sight with brass head and Wide-Scan hood?

Blue Book of Gun Values will assist you.

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