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You can buy them at auctions or if your driving past and you see those animals outside you should stop and ask the owners if they know of anyone who's selling these animals. And if you don't know that much about these animals you probably shouldn't buy them just yet. Also, searching online for farms in your area can help you find quality animals for sale. Many farms hae websites now. The best place to buy them is from a breeder. REPUTABLE breeders know the capabilities of their animals, and will only sell you animals that will fill your requirements, that you can afford. They also have the knowledge to assist you as you encounter problems.The "roadside guy" probably has no real knowledge.

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What does the term livestock mean?

Livestock are domesticated animals raised for the purpose of getting meat, milk, draft, wool, fibre and/or eggs from them. Livestock include cattle (beef and dairy), sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, horses, hogs etc.

What animals are on a livestock farm?

Chicken,sheep,goats etc.

What term is used for milk giving animals?

They are all together called "Milch Animals".Or else say them Dairy animals Eg. dairy cows, dairy goats

Does dairy have to come from cow?

Dairy is milk and cheese, so no, you can make dairy products from other animals such as goats.

What livestock does Greece produce?

Greece has sheep, goats, dairy cows, fattening cattle, pigs and poultry.

How do you use livestock in a sentence?

Cows, chickens, goats, and pigs are livestock animals. Raising livestock is a lot of work. We have to take our livestock to market next week.

What is the main agriculture in Utah?

Agriculture in Utah commonly consists of livestock (sheep, goats, and cows), dairy products, and alfalfa, which is usually used to feed livestock.

What type of livestock are found in New Zealand?

Various poultry, sheep, goats including Boer Goats; cattle, both beef and dairy, Alpacas, deer, and a few wapiti are the principal farmed animals. Horses, are farmed, for pets, bloodstock, and working.

What animals are preferred for livestock farming in Pakistan and why?

Pakistan rares cattle, sheep, goats, cows, buffaloes, camels, chickens. these animals constitute the livestock farming in Pakistan.

What is the agriculture in pei?

Crop and livestock, crop being mainly potato, wheat and barley, and livestock being dairy, sheep, goats, poultry, and some hogs and beef cattle.

What kind of animals live on dairy farms?

i think it is cows, sheep and goats!

What animals are preferred in Pakistan for livestock farming and why?

Buffalos, Cows, Sheep, Goats are considered best animals for livestock purposes. These animals not only fulfill meat requirements but also provide milk and leather.

What 2 types of livestock are found in Canada?

I don't know...livestock that are birds and livestock that are not birds? Canadian farmers raise beef, dairy, pork, lamb, eggs, mutton, goats, meat chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys.

Are goats livestock?


What animals are used for livestock in Mexico City?

Several animals are used for livestock in Mexico City. Pigs, Goats, Cattle, Chickens, Sheep, and various other poultries, such as ducks and turkey, can all be found.

What animals are horses accompanied by on a farm'?

Generally, you find goats, pigs, and cows for livestock. For general animals, you might find cats and dogs.

What is the answer in this question if there are 126 dairy animals in a farm and two-thirds of them are cows and the rest are goats how many are goats?

126 divided by 3 equals, 32. 32 goats are at the farm.

What animals are raised in Brazil?

Some of the livestock raised in Brazil include, horses, goats, hogs and chickens. Raising your own livestock helps farmers contribute to their economy.

What are the Chief animals raised in Costa Rica?

LivestockThere are a few different types of livestock that are raised in Costa Rica. These types include goats, pigs, cows, and chickens.

What are the different kind of goats?

To be basic, there are 4 "kinds" of goats: dairy, market, fiber, and pygmy, or as I like to call them, pets. To get more in depth there are more than 300 breeds of goats in the world. They all fall into good dairy animals, good meat animals(they have good muscle), good fiber(hair producers), and pets.

Are goats considered livestock?


Why aren't dairy goats bred?

Dairy goats are indeed bred, they are just bred every couple of years instead of every year like dairy cows. You can't produce more dairy goats without breeding them!

What are five different types of goat?

Meat goats, dairy goats, fibre goats, pack goats and miniature goats.

Is a goat a milking person?

There are two types of goats, that I know of, dairy and meat. Dairy goats are the ones you milk. Meat goats are sold at fairs for food.

What animals can you milk for dairy production?

Some species that are being milked include: cattle, goats, sheep, water buffalo, camel and horses. The most common are cattle and goats.