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you can buy dragon silly bandz with the Fantasy Pack. You can buy that pack any where that carries Silly Bandz! :)


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Lots of Silly Bandz are rare, including:Tye Die Silly BandzGlow in the Dark Silly BandzSparkle Silly Bandzdragon silly bandz.... and lots more

You can buy Disney silly bandz at Walgreen's.

Walgreens,CVS have silly bandz

You can buy the cheapest silly bandz on eBay or at a gas station.

You have to buy Silly Bandz that glow in the dark.

yes you can buy silly bandz that glow in the dark

you can buy silly bandz at wal mart for $1.00

You can buy hello kitty silly bandz at any place that sells silly bandz.

you can get them at cvs or any silly bandz stand

Of course there are black silly bandz. Why wouldn't there be! For example check in the Rock N' Roll package of silly bandz. Or in the dragon package. So YES

The best place to buy Silly Bandz are at walmart I heard they are only a dollar

I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario,Canada. So here, we can buy Silly Bandz in Dollar Store (not dollarama-when I was there, there was no silly bandz).

The shapes in the Silly Bandz fantasy pack are a genie, unicorn, dragon, phoenix, mermaid, and a fairy.

Similar to Silly Bandz are Jelly Bandz. They have all the nice designs.

1.Silly Bandz!! 2.Silly Bandz!! 3.Silly Bandz!! 4.Silly Bandz!! 5.Silly Bandz!! 6.Silly Bandz!! 7.Silly Bandz!! 8.Silly Bnadz!! 9.Silly Bandz!! 10.Silly Bandz!!

The rarest silly band is the dragon.

They have a lot a lot of types of silly bandz in central hong kong

Silly Bandz are $2.99 for a regular pack of 12 Silly Bandz in a pack. Sometimes, they are $4.99 if the Silly Bandz pack has 24 Silly Bandz in the pack, if the Silly Bandz are Glow in the Dark, or if the Silly Bandz are Tie Dye.

You can buy it at port lucya

phionex silly bandz are as much as regular silly bandz. u can only buy them in the fantasy pack.

I saw some on e-bay today. Type in rainbow silly bandz and there should be some rare silly bands.

Yes. Wal-Mart sells the yankees, and the giants silly bandz, but it depends where you live in PA.

hallmark,justice,and online!

Bed and bath or Wallmart

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