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You can buy turtles at the PetShack. You may be able to find them at various pet stores or have them ordered for you. Most pet stores will order certain things if they have access to them.

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Is it legal to sell turtles in NC?

No because I live in NC and i got a pet turtle from the beach and i went to Petsmart to get stuff and they said it is illegal to sell turtles in NC.

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Can you have a tortoise in nc?

I know that it's illegal to sell or buy tortoises and turtles in NC - you won't find any in pet stores here. I don't know about just HAVING one. I bought a 3-Toed Texas Box Turtle in Maryland four years ago and brought it with me when I moved to NC. If owning it here is breaking the law, obviously no one bothers me about it. Hope that at least half-answers your question.

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“My friend has a waterfowl rescue in nc, she has the opportunity to buy the land she is leasing. Can she get a grant to do this and if so, what does she have to do?”

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Are eastern box turtles in NC?

Yes they are. In fact, my sisters and I find them all the time. Is that North Carolina, USA or New Caledonia ?

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