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Where do you catch Giratina in Pokemon pearl?


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July 02, 2013 1:09PM

first you need a Pokemon that knows defog and a Pokemon that knows rock smash and a Pokemon that knows rock climb. go to veilstone city.leave to the path to pastoria. keep to your right.eventually you see a path between the trees. go through it. it should say spring path at the top and the music should get spooky. at the end of the path there is an entrance like the one to eterna forest. go through it. then theres a clearing with some tall grass. in the grass the Pokemon are lv 52-54. if you see a staravia you should catch it and level it up on time it will evolve into a sick staraptor. anyway keep going forward you see a spot where you can do rock climb. do rock climb there. go around the square looking thing that youre standing on. theres a lot of tall grass. once you are at the other side there is another spot to do rock climb. use rock climb. once down you go into a cave entrance. use defog inside. just keep wandering around till you find giratina. every time you see a pillar with an inscription read it. save before battling giratina in case you knock it out. giratina is lv 70. you need national-dex or you wont find spring path.
go to your map and look for a place called spring path then go to it and go on te water and go into the cave go past the third pillar and he should be there tip save before trying to catch im he will not run