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Where do you catch Suicune in Pokemon LeafGreen?

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2014-01-09 18:45:26

anywhere after the elite four. just go into the wild of a route

with max repel but use somone under lv 50. just leave the route and

go back into it.

ps i always go to route 2 its easy there becuz you can go into

the house thingy and then back out it still counts as


Its easy but you can only catch him in the wild if you chose

Charmander as your starter after you beat the elite 4 on of the

dogs (entiee,suicine,or the raikou one) will be in the wild

anywhere not on thee 9 islands or mirage island ---- Squirtle-

Raikou Bulbasaur- Entei Charmander- Suicune

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