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Where do you catch feebas in pearl?

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In pearl is it better to catch a feebas with a good rod or a super rod?

It is better to catch Feebas with a Super Rod.

Can you catch feebas in pearl?

yes you can it is under a rock

How do you catch feebas in Pokemon pearl?

Feebas in in the top right corner in the water in Pastoria City.

How do you catch a feebas on diamond and pearl?

I believe they are in Mt. Coronet

Were to catch feebas in diamond and Pearl?

In Mt. Coronet on the water - but it is really really hard to catch. I have feebas eggs is you would like to have one.

How do you catch a feebas in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Feebas can be a pain to catch in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by going to Mt. Cornet. Feebas is located on the basement floor of the Mt. Cornet. The player will need the HMs Surf and Strength to reach the underground lake. Patient and Luck will grant the player a elusive Feebas.

Pokemon pearl where is the most common tile to find feebas?

you can find feebas on the way to catch garitina diaogia and palkia you need to use a good rod to catch him

Do you catch a Feebas with a super rod for Pokemon Pearl?

No, try the good rod.

Where do you catch feebas in diamond pearl?

Feebas can be caught by fishing on Mt.Coronet. Specifically four random spaces on the water that changes daily.

Where do you catch milotic in Pokemon pearl?

You can't catch a Milotic, you need to catch a Feebas and have it evolve into a Milotic by maxing its beauty stat.

In Pokemon diamond or Pearl can you catch a feebas with a super rod?

No you have to catch it with an old or good rod in the safari zone in pastoria

How can you catch feebas in Pokemon pearl?

simple watch a youtube video then set the date to what the video says then go to the place where you catch feebas ok PS to get milotic raise feebas to max beauty than level him or her up ok this works

How do you get Milotic in Pokemon Pearl?

Simply evolve a Feebas- they can be found in some pools of water inside Mount Coronet. You catch Feebas and it may evolve into Moltic.

In Pokemon diamond where can you catch feebas?

You can catch a Feebas in the northern part of Mt. Cornet

Can you catch feebas in the rain?

The Rain does not affect the Appearance or Catch Rate of Feebas, so yes, you can.

Old rod Feebas?

You can catch Feebas with any rod.

Where do you catch feebas in FireRed?

No where. You have to trade it from a Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond or Pearl. dude, you cant even trade from DP

Is there an Action Replay code to catch Feebas on Pokemon Pearl?

yes there is one for every Pokemon i just don't know what it is

Where can you catch a Feebas in Pokemon Diamond?

You catch feebas in the four tiled waters in the bottom of Mt. Coronet.

What level does feebas evolve at Pokemon pearl?

Feebas evolves at level 99

How do you get a milolotic in Pokemon Pearl?

catch a feebas and give it beauty poffins until its beauty is full then get it up levels hope that helps

Does it matter what time of Day it is to catch Feebas?

There doesn't seem to be an exact time to catch Feebas, they are just really really really hard to catch.

How do you catch a shiny feebas in Pokemon Pearl?

Shiny feebas can be encountered in all of the same places as regular feebas, only they are much rarer. In Pokemon Pearl, feebas can be caught on the B1F and Route 216 entrance at Mt. Coronet by fishing in one of four specific spots on the water while using a Super Rod. The four specific spots are generated at random each time you enter the area.

Do you have to use a super rod to catch feebas?

No, but your Feebas will be alot stronger in levels if you do?

How do you catch feebas in diamond and pearl And what do they mean by tiles?

To catch feebas, you must take the path that leads you to Route 116/117. There should be a room where you have to use defog, that's the room where you can catch feebas. You can even use an old rod. Also, tiles are basically squares you know how when you move 1 space your moving from 1 tile 2 another. The only problem is with feebas that its only located on 4 tiles which change every day. GOOD LUCK