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Where do you catch rotom in soul silver?

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It is not found in a wild in soul silver

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Sadly you cannot catch rotom on the game however you could tade it from diamond, pearl or platinum

rotoms not in it because the original silver was b4 rotom was made. SRRY!

You can't.:( Trade it from Pearl.

You can't obtain a Rotom in Pokemon Soul Silver. Instead, you have to trade it from Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, and Rotom appears near the TV in the Old Chateau once you get the National Pokedex in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

you cant get it in the game you can only get by trading

you have to trade him from your platinum, diamond, or pearl gameyou cannot get a rotom in Pokemon soul silver the only way to get it is to migrate from Pokemon diamond pearl or platinum (unless you hack the game)you cant catch it coz rotom is not on johto and kanto. Its on sinooh region...but you can have it by trading and by action replayin Pokemon soul silver i don't think you get rotom but you could trade with a friend or mystery gift if you could get it in mystery gift.

Rotom is a really weak sort of legendary. You can only get it in Pokemon diamond and pearl. So it is sort of not possible to get it in the wild in soul silver. You can get him in the GTS, if you're lucky. Also if you have a friend that has rotom, rotom can breed with a ditto so you can get a rotom egg. Then you and your friend will both have one.

You can get rotom from Pokemon diamond, pearl & platinum, or if you have an action replay, pokesav it or wild modify it.

Rotom is not catchable by standard means in HG/SS. You must import a rotom from D/P/P.

You must trade it from D/P/Pt.

You can't catch charizard in Pokemon soul silver. You can get a charmander from professor oak.

you can't catch baltoy in soul silver you can in heartgold but you have to wait for it's mass outbreak.

Yes, just trade it from Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.

sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

Rotom is not obtainable in heartgold and soulsilver. You have to trade it from Pokemon diamond, pearl, or platinum.theres no rotom on heart gold or soul silver i believeto get one though, trade your friends or use the GTS etc..No, you'll have to trade with the Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum version.

you catch one in mt silver they are at level 50

you cant catch it in soul silver.

you cant but you can in soul silver

To receive Rotom on Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you must trade it from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

Get a Rotom. Go to the elevator. It takes you to the room with 5 things for Rotom to go in.

you must have rotom first in your party then talk to the elevator

manaphy to get phione. rotom. and i heard azelf.

You can't unless you have silver,soul silver or action replay [with silver and soul silver you must capture lugia then for soul silver trade and for silver, I'm not 100% sure but you migrate lugia to platinum and catch it at pal park.

You can't catch Rotom in heartgold.

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