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you cant but you can in soul silver

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2010-06-05 14:47:23
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Q: How do you catch kioger in Pokemon Silver?
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How do you catch kioger in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you cant catch it you need someone to trade it or use a cheat

Do you get kioger in Pokemon FireRed?


How do you get kioger in soul silver?

You can only get kyogre in Pokemon HeartGold version. Try trading with somebody with that game.

On Pokemon HeartGold how do you catch raquaza?

after you get 16 gym badges go to profeser oak in pallet town and he'll give you the blue orb to catch kioger and I don't know where but once you have caught kioger show it to profeser oak and he'll give you the green orb and go back to the same place you caught kioger and raquaza should be there

Where can you catch a tedeerisa in Pokemon silver?

You cannot catch Teddiursa in Pokemon Silver.

How do you catch kioger in ruby?

It's Spelled Kyogre, And In Ruby, You Can't Catch It, You Have To Trade.

When do you catch Kyogre in saphire?

to catch kioger you must get the master ball from team aquas hide out and get the blue orb after that you must go and find the boss of team aqua and kioger will flee to sutopolus then you have to go to sutopolus and go in the cave of oregin go threw the cave of oregen walk up too the pond kioger is and then you got kioger!:)

How do you catch all rare Pokemon on Pokemon silver?

you catch them.

Can you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Silver?

No you can't catch Mewtwo in Pokemon silver, you must trade it from Pokemon yellow.

Where do you catch teddiursa in Pokemon Silver?

to find out how to catch teddiursa in Pokemon silver... YOU CAN'T IDIOT

Where can you catch Deoxys in Pokemon Silver?

You can't catch Deoxys in Silver..

How do you catch Pokemon gligar in Pokemon Silver?

You can't catch a Gligar in Pokemon Silver. However, you can trade one over from Pokemon Gold.

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