Where do you check the transmission fluid in a 1993 Ford Thunderbird?

Stand at the front of the T-bird with the hood raised. Look at the left side of the motor, walk around and stand on the left, passenger's side of the car. While looking at the motor, you will see a stick toward the back of the motor, that is metal. That is the transmission fliud dip stick. While your car is running, and hot, pull the dip stick up and out of the holder. Wipe the stick with a rag or paper towel, then place it back into the holder. Again, pull the dip stick up and out of the holder, and keep the dip stick pointing to the ground. Slowly pull the wet end of the dip stick toward your eyes, so that you can see the fluid on the bottom of the stick. Check to see where how far up the fluid goes on the stick. There are lines on the end of the dip stick to let you know if the fluid is full, or low. If it is low, place a funnel into the dip stick holder, and pour about half a quart of transmission fluid into, let it settle for a minute, then check it with the dip stick again. Continue this until the fluid is up to the full line.