Where do you download the tmb version of Blockland?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Where do you download the tmb version of Blockland?
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Do you have to pay for Blockland tbm version?

NO you dont but you can for the other blocklandgo to this site to download the vanilla blockland and TBM

How do you download songs on Blockland?

You go to Return To Blockland (RTB) where you can download anything for Blockland.

Do you HAVE to buy Blockland?

A Demo Version of Blockland is avalible to download, but it is very limited.If you would like to remove the said limits you can buy a Blockland Key from the website found here:

Where can you get Blockland full version for free?

Blockland cannot be gotten for free, nor can it be hacked so you can get it free. When bought, Blockland generates a key, therefore, that is your key that you enter. If you have a friend who plays blockland but doesn't really want his/her key anymore, ask him/her if you could have it. Blockland is not a "Full Version Download" like some games. It is a key-enter game.

How do you downlod Blockland village?

You have to go to Return To Blockland to download stuff for Blockland.

Is the blockland demo free?

The Blockland demo is free. Only the full version of Blockland is not free.

How do you download add ons for Blockland?

If there's a download link, click it. If you go to a website, download it. Just download it. When you get to the download window. Click "SAVE" Save it. Then it will download it for you. after you do that, restart Blockland. and it will be in your "Blockland Add-Ons" tab in your "Start a server" Option.

Can you get Blockland for free?

Yes you can get block land for free, you just have to download the demo version. To do this just open up the home page and click on the link under the picture that says download to demo version now

Can you download return to Blockland for free?

you can DOWNLOAD it! download (the orange block) its return to blockland but renamed to orange block. i hope you enjoy it and my name in that game is david_cz

How do you download new maps on blockland?

You can find them at the Blockland Forums Or The RTB Download Manager

What is a blockland key?

A Blockland key is a code to get the real version with other players not demo

How do you get Blockland demo?

Download the demo at