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you buy a GameShark and turn it on. i know this sounds too easy, but that's all you really do...

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โˆ™ 2011-09-15 11:08:01
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Q: Where do you enter Game Shark codes on a Game Boy Advance?
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What is the game shark cheat codes?

game shark cheat codes are long numbered and lettered codes that you enter on a game shark device that fits is a game boy advance.

What does a game shark do?

a game shark is acheat device you can enter codes to do almost anythink

How do you find game shark codes in Game Boy advance?

you can use the internet

Can you use action replay codes for game boy advance sp without a game shark?

no,cant you buy a game shark it is not expensive.

How do you use Game Shark cheats for Pokemon Yellow?

Easy just put the game in the game shark and enter codes you know.

How do you enter codes for Pokemon sapphire withoput ar?

get it with a game shark

Do you Enter the Game shark Game Boy advance code at the shop?

no you can find it online and type it anywhere

How do you enter VBA codes?

I do believe you are talking about the visual boy advance, if you are up at the top there should be an option for cheats you click on that and choose cheat list you then choose, add gameshark and you enter your game shark code

What do you need to have to enter cheat codes on Pokemon platinum?

Game shark or Action Replay

How do you get game shark for Pokemon emerald?

Just buy a gameboy advance gameshark, then look up the codes...

What is the lowest price for a Game Boy Advance game shark?

You might be able to get a Game Boy Advance Game Shark for about 20 dollars .

Where do you enter kingdom hearts 2 cheat codes?

You can't enter cheat codes, you have to buy a game shark. yes you can.but i dont know how

How do you put in game shark codes?

Buy a Game Shark then the device should allow you to plug in codes.

Can you use game shark codes on a game shark sp?

Yes you can use game shark codes on a game shark sp. There is no difference between the game shark for the GBA and the game shark for the GBA SP. you have to click your game to the side and cheats will pop out , you click the cheats you want and prees start

How do you operate a Game Shark with Pokemon Emerald?

You put the Game Shark on your Gameboy Advance SP.

How do you enter cheat codes on Kingdom Hearts?

The only way is to use a cd like action replay or game shark.

What are all game shark codes are for sonic advance 3?

Instant Acceleration,Moon Jump,Speed Shoes.Invinicibiltity,Infinite Rings and more.

How do you enter cheats codes?

Enter cheat codes for which game and which console?

How do you get game shark?

my thing that says game shark codes it doesnt work do i have to download it or something

How do you get mew in Pokemon FireRed Game Boy Advance?

There are no way to get mew in Pokemon fire red... You can only get him in rubby/sapphire.... Unless.. You will use game shark codes>.

What a shark game?

if you are thinking of a game shark,it is something you plug into your game console,depending on what kind of game shark you have, so you can type in codes for certain games.

How do you enter game shark codes?

if you try to use those code in a real GBA, you have to buy the gameshark cartridge first. Then enter the code where its tell you and just reload your save game. For VBA choose these option : cheats/cheats list/game shark. Enter the code then press ok, if it does not then try another code. good luck!

Does anyone have any game shark codes for kingdom hearts 2?

There are no gameshark codes for this game.

Is there any rhythm tengoku cheat codes for game shark?

There are Gameshark codes for this game, google them

What cheat codes can be used in pokemon crystal?

Game shark codes

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