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you enter the codes inside the vurtual build a bear

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βˆ™ 2008-07-18 22:12:47
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Q: Where do you enter the build a bear ville code?
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How do you get bear credits on build a bear ville?

You buy them in real life at build a bear workshop, and on your reciept, there will be a code. Enter that code on build a bear ville.

What is a bear code for bear ville?

a bear code is the code you enter to be able o play in bear ville.

How can you get store credits on Build a bear ville?

you have to buy something from the build a bear workshop store and enter the receipt code

Where do you enter build a bear ville cheat codes?

Go to the town square and into the build a bear workshop. Click on comp the bear and then on enter a web code. type in the code and click accept

How do get bear bills in build abear ville?

you can enter a code or win lots of games

Where do you find the peace bear on build a bear ville?

You don't find it. You have to buy one and enter the code on its birth certificate.

Get a receipt code for build a bear ville?


How do you have a fashion show on build a bear ville?

you have to have a party and then enter the code you got and then pick the room that has a runway in it.

How do you earn credits for build-a-bear ville?

You make a purchase at your local build a bear workshop, and look for the receipt code, then enter it at the virtual build a bear in receipt code and you got one credit! Happy Shopping!

What is the build a bear ville code for the guitar?

i think you have to buy the accesory from a build-a-bear store to get the code

How do you submit a code onto Build a Bear Ville?

In the town square at the Build-a-Bear Workshop.

What is the bunny hop code for build a bear ville?


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