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go to the build a bear workshop and talk to the bear and then put in the code

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โˆ™ 2009-07-17 01:22:24
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Q: Where do you enter your map code on Build-a-Bearville?
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How do you get rides on Build-A-Bearville?

you have to have a receipt code and enter it at the buildabearville workshop.

How do you get creadit on buildabearville?

you have to have a reciept code

How do you use Build-a-Bearville codes?

buildabearville codes can be bought or given free with a purchase of something else. you can get a free buildabearville welcome pass without buying anything. to use the codes, you would usually go online to the buildabearville website ( log on to your account, go to town square that can be found on the map, go into the virtual buildabear store that has a bear with a hat in front of the store ( bearemy ) click on the bear behind the counter, click on enter codes or redeem codes ( something similar to that ) and type in your code! occasionally they will have a celebration of somewhat or the supporting of a company in which you can buy a code to get something virtual on buildabearville. when this happens, sometimes you have to enter the code someplace other than the virtual buildabear store and they will tell you where.

Where do I type in the Scavenger Hunt code on build a bearville?

if you mean the 3D scavenger go to the build a bear workshop [in buildabearville] and go to the bear at the counter and enter the in the place that says "Enter Web Code" have fun!

What are Build-a-Bearville store credits?

When you buy something at the buildabear workshop,you get a receipt code. When you enter the code you get store credits in buildabearville. You can buy items with your credits at the bear boutique.

What is a buildabearville code?

a buildabearville code is 12 letters and numbers or just numbers put together into a code. which u can use at the build-a-bear-workshop at the town square to get free items, money, or u can use the code to bring a animal to life. one buildabearville code is '''TK3Z-6V8PV48L another code is milk-rcks-2008 '''

Hannah Montana code and where you put the code after you have it on Build-a-Bearville?

to enter the code you go to the buildabearworkshop in the town square and you click on the bear on the counter...he will give you options click the second one where it says ENTER YOUR WEB CODE FOR A FREE GIFT then carefully enter in the code! for alot of codes go to and type in buildabearville! sorry i don thave the hanna Montana code!

A code to anything on Build-a-Bearville like a furry friend or an item?

The only way to get a code for a bear is to buy a bear from your local build a bear workshop and get the code from the bottom of the birth certificate and enter it into build a bear ville and you get the bear that you bought. Btw, I am emilycheerbear on buildabearville. If you want you can send me a friend request and I hope I will see you on buildabearville!

What are some web codes for Build-A-Bearville?

Go to BABW and take a calender and 4 each month there is a new code. Come on buildabearville every month and go to the workshop and enter the code.

Does anyone have a Build-a-Bearville beach code you can use?

I do I'm CarlaOctobear from BABV and buildabearville blog they are fun if you sign up for it enter my name in the referal box oh here is the code! enter 0000### or 00000## hope that helped! ## and ### are for numbers have fun on BABV!

How do you get the credits on Build-a-bearville from buying an accessory?

When you buy things in the Build a Bear Workshop, on the bottom of your receipt should be a little section saying something like 'You have earned free virtual stuff on!' or something like that. Underneath that will be a code which when you go onto buildabearville, you can enter to claim your credits. You need to go into the virtual Build a Bear Workshop on buildabearville which is just off the Town Square and click on the associate behind the desk, who is a bear called Champ. Click on 'Enter receipt code', put the code in, click enter and then you will have your credits! Hope this helped you!

How Do you Get A Code For Buildabearville?

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