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Deeds are filed with the Clerk of the Court at the county courthouse


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Take the properly executed quit claim deed to the county courthouse. Ask for the deed room. Take the original and a few copies along with the appropriate filing fee to the clerk.

A quit claim deed must be recorded in the land records office in the jurisdiction where the land is located.

A quit claim deed is a very simple form, you can probably get one online or at the courthouse or a title company. Anyone can file the deed, it is just a matter of taking it to the court house and paying the fees.

Is there a special form for a quit claims deed for a time share, and how do you file

In order to file a quick claim deed, a person must have a written form that is signed before a notary that outlines the assets and conditions of the deed. A quick claim deed must also have a grantor and a grantee.

A quit claim deed itself does not cost anything. However, once you have it signed it must be filed in the same county as the property it relates to, which does involve a cost, since the county will require some type of filing fee. Typically you can expect it to cost you about $25 to $45 to file a quit claim deed.

You could file a quit claim deed. It will not remove your obligations under the mortgage and since the quit claim means they get the same rights you have, it doesn't to any good, except if there is any equity in the property after the sale, they will get it, not you.

The simplest thing to do is file a copy of the marriage certificate with the deed. Or you can do a quit claim deed with the new name.

Any deed should be recorded in the land records immediately. See related question link.

In Miami Dade it takes a couple of hours of your day to file and about a week to record it on public records. Depends on the County you are filing. Visit if you are filing in Miami Dade.

To remove your name file or have a lawyer file a Quick Claim Deed with your county. This is a standard procedure in divorices or other matters.

It's best to search the deed records to determine the legal description of the mineral interest. You do that by going to the county of the mineral interest and search the index by the owner's name. Use that legal description to insert into a mineral deed, have it signed before a notary public, and record it in the deed records of the relevant county. in addition: "By conveying the mineral rights over by means of a mineral deed or quit claim deed and then file it with the county clerk or recorder in which the tract or tracts lay. A mineral deed or quit claim deed can be purchased for very little cost online or at a office supply store"

If it's a legal quit claim, and the owner signed it before their death, yes. I would look into Michigan's law to see if there is a time limit to file a new quit claim, but I doubt there is. A quit claim has to be notorized and witnessed, so it would be obvious if you where trying to fraud someone, or if the owner had actually signed it.

Quit Claim Deed(Download)I, ______________, of _____________, _______, the grantor, for and in consideration of one dollars ($1), receipt of which is hereby acknowledged conveys and quitclaims to ________________ of ________, ________, all interest which I (we) have, if any, in the following described real estate:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dated: ______________________, 20____________Witnesses:______________________________________________Name:______________________________________________Name:Before me, the undersigned notary, ______________ acknowledged before me that ______________ executed this warranty deed as their free act and deed, and that the witnesses stated above witnessed at the request of ______________ the execution of this deed intending to be bound thereby._______________________________________________NotaryMy Commission Expires on:Quit Claim DeedReview ListThis review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. The Quit Claim Deed should be notarized and filed with the appropriate local registry of deeds.1. Make multiple copies. Give one to the signatory and the recipient should keep one with the appropriate file after recording it with the local registry of deeds.

You will have to refinance the debt with your creditor, and qualify for the debt on your own merit. The co-signer will have to file a Quit Claim Deed.

The property cannot be transferred by deed. The estate must be probated in order for title to the real property to pass to the child. You need to contact a probate attorney in your area.

You can transfer your real property to the trustee of a trust using a quitclaim deed.

how do I file a claim against an estate in Illinois, Cook county

AnswerContact a real estate attorney and have them file a "quit claim deed" ClarificationYou remove yourself from ownership in the property by executing a deed that conveys your interest to a new owner or to the co-owner. Note that in the case of a mortgage, conveying your interest in the property will not remove you from your obligations under the mortgage.

File a partition action. One of the joint tenants sign a quit deed.

Grant Deed gives permission to use or occupy land. A Quit Claim is usually used to simply change the name on a title of land/house within the family, without going through all the documents of an actual sale. If your father is putting the house in your name, there's no sale. He would just file a Quit Claim to change the name. A Grant specifies which rights are being transferred as well as what warranties are being made.Slightly different than the above explanation - a quit claim does not actually claim to have and transfer says the givor is agreeing to give up the rights, if any - that they may have.Hence the name - "quit claim" - someone says they won't make a claim, even if they could.

No. You must file in the county where the land is located or the deed has absolutely no effect.

In most cases, you would file a quit claim deed. If the property is in Jim's name, and you wanted to ad Mary to the deed, Jim would give up ownership and transfer the ownership to Jim and Mary. The reason for this is that the Jim and Mary combination is a different legal entity than just Jim.

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